Prepare yourself for another of Biden's unseemly displays about guns

It's very clear that, in his own mind, Joe Biden isn't the president of the American people.  He is president only of those American people who support his agenda or who can be used to advance his agenda.  Biden made that clear when, after ignoring the obviously race-related mass slaughter in Waukesha, he made a beeline for Buffalo, New York, where an evil man nurtured on leftist politics and racial obsessions went on a murder spree.  Once there, Biden talked about gun-grabbing and race.  Now, after not only avoiding Waukesha, but also avoiding the chaos he created at the border, Biden is finally heading for Uvalde.  No matter how one slices it, this man is reprehensible.

I won't rehash Biden's disgraceful display in Buffalo, a visit he made in an instant after insisting that it was just too difficult to visit Waukesha.  I also won't remind you of Biden's equally disgraceful display when he first spoke about the horrors in Uvalde.  Anyway, you won't need a repeat because, on Sunday, you can see the whole thing play out again in Uvalde.  Yup, Joe announced that, for the first time in his presidency, he's heading to the Texas town that has borne much of the brunt of Biden's open-door policy for illegal aliens:

Many Democrats used his tweet as a springboard to demand gun control:

Just for fun, remind your leftist friends that, in 2015, even the WaPo was forced to concede that Sen. Marco Rubio was correct when he said that none of the mass shootings over the preceding three years would have been prevented by existing or proposed gun laws.  After that, ask them what laws would have stopped the Uvalde shooting.

They need to account for the fact that, despite the killer's scary weirdness, no one had made an effort to use Texas's laws to detain him.  A smaller-capacity magazine or a ban on rifles would also have been irrelevant.  Thanks to the police department's inexplicable decisions, the killer had an hour alone in a locked classroom with children.  In that chamber of horrors, he had no need for a big magazine or a long-range weapon.  Also, ask the leftist how the school's being a "gun-free zone" deterred the killer.

Image: Joe Biden (edited).  YouTube screen grab.

See, too, if the leftist can explain how, even if there were no Second Amendment, the government could seize all the guns in America while making sure that no criminal would ever get hold of a gun in the future.  Remind the leftist about Biden's open border over which drugs, guns, trafficked children, sex offenders, and terrorists come streaming into America.

But back to Biden's trip, we know it will be the equivalent of Paul Wellstone's famous funeral — that is, not an occasion to mourn but an opportunity to use grief as a lever to move the political dial.  And conservatives were quick to note a few obvious problems with Biden's plans:

In addition, there were some who noted that Uvalde has been absolutely slammed by illegal aliens, something that was a problem even before Biden came along, and that got significantly worse after he erased the border.  Moreover, Uvalde is going to be under even greater illegal alien pressure now that the DHS has announced that ICE and the Border Patrol will stop making any effort to enforce immigration laws at Uvalde.  The mass murder means the area is now "protected."

By ignoring America’s immigration laws, Biden created an unstoppable flood of illegal aliens, most of whom are probably illiterate, at least in English, and many of whom are criminals, sex-traffickers, terrorists, and those with dangerous diseases.  No wonder that, having created lawless chaos, Biden has refused to go near America's southern border.  It's unseemly that he does so now, given that he'll probably use the occasion for politicking.

No country can survive a ruling class that despises it.  That's especially true when the ruling class is open about its efforts to destroy the country.  Whether it's the destruction of our economy, energy policies that will return us to a pre-modern era, the destroyed border, or pouring taxpayer dollars into Ukraine, Biden and his ruling class really don't like us.  Moreover, as Biden's border policy demonstrates, he and his handlers intend to trade the American people in for a newer, more ignorant, less fractious, more compliant model that will take "free" money and keep its collective mouth shut.  Biden's rush to Uvalde merely rubs that fact in harder.

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