Leftist intimidation tactics are backfiring, endangering Supreme Court justices.

Politico is reporting there is no sign that the Supreme Court is changing course in the midst of the intimidation tactics of the anti-liberty left.

We're all familiar with the trope from the horror movies where the police tell everyone to get out of the house.  You can guess they are making a similar call now because of the recent news from Politico.  In essence, it sounds as though the terror tactics of the insurrectionistanti-liberty left have had no effect.

Although this is good news, the problem is that they may not give up so easily.  Consider their unhinged reaction to the initial leak of the draft, with threats against the lives of the conservative justices.  They are losing the plot, and this will only infuriate them tenfold.  If they can't convince the justices to change their minds, a James T. Hodgkinson in their midst might decide to take matters into his own hands.  You will recall that the aforementioned was a "fervent fan" of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders:

Washington (AFP) — James T. Hodgkinson, the rifle-toting 66-year-old who opened fire on Republican lawmakers practicing for a baseball game Wednesday, was a fervent fan of leftist Senator Bernie Sanders and angered by the policies of President Donald Trump.

Please understand that we are in no way calling for any change in how this case is to be treated.  We're merely pointing out the extreme danger of the anti-liberty leftists, who are the real insurrectionists and domestic terrorists.  After all, these are people who have an overly inflated view of themselves and their alleged virtue who think they are beyond the law because they are "saving the planet" or something.

"To do evil a human being must first of all believe that what he's doing is good."

—Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

We should also point out that both aspects of this story, of there ostensibly being one draft and the threat of violence, highlight the need for this decision to be handed down immediately.  It would negate the threat and hopefully defuse the situation.

Photo credit: Joe Ravi CC BY-SA 3.0 license

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