The abortion bullies were out in force, picketing Supreme Court judges

Federal law makes it illegal to picket near a judge’s home because an honest legal system cannot be subject to physical intimidation. Nevertheless, on Saturday night, a large crowd of angry protesters gathered in front of the homes of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh. No doubt, the mob felt protected from the law thanks to Jen Psaki’s refusal to say that the administration disapproved of this mob behavior. It remains to be seen whether Attorney General Merrick Garland will care.

It's interesting to contemplate why the protesters picked those two particular justices. Clarice Feldman suggests (accurately, I believe) that they understand that Chief Justice Roberts can be intimidated into changing his position. As for Justice Kavanaugh, while he refused to back down from his confirmation hearing despite the vile statements Christine Blasey Ford made about him, it’s been clear since he came to the Supreme Court that he's a wishy-washy conservative. Perhaps he’s always been that way but he also seems to have been cowed by the experience. Leftists smartly chose the weakest links.

The inestimable Justice Clarence Thomas made a preemptive strike: The Supreme Court, he said, will not “be bullied into giving [protesters] the outcomes you want.” Moreover, he scolded protesters as addicts of a sort: “We are becoming addicted to wanting particular outcomes, not living with the outcomes we don’t like.”

As a side note, when it came to Justice Kavanaugh, the protesters had an advantage: His own neighbor, a teacher (of course) named Lacie Wooten-Holway organized the protest! Wooten-Holway takes abortion seriously, having had two already.

Image: Protesters outside of Justice Kavanaugh’s house. Twitter screen grab.

Also, as someone who describes having been sexually assaulted, she’s totally bought into the narrative that Kavanaugh assaulted Blasey Ford (never mind the massive holes in Blasey-Ford’s testimony, as well as the fact that Blasey-Ford’s best friend, who was allegedly there when it happened, denies the story). Wooten-Holway sounds like a troubled soul and a terrible neighbor.

 Lately, Wooten-Holway has been conducting a protest in front of Kavanaugh’s house (or, at least, what she thought was Kavanaugh’s house). And on Saturday night, she was joined by a much larger group of protesters.

Around 100 mostly White, female protesters started their little campaign of terror at Chief Justice Roberts’s home, drawing coat hangers on the pavement. They then went to Justice Kavanaugh’s home.

While at the two houses, they chanted “Keep abortion safe and legal,” which is a far cry from the Clinton-era change of “Keep abortion safe, rare, and legal.” More worrisomely in terms of the threats to the judges’ safety, they also chanted “Pro-life is a lie! You don’t care if people die.” That’s the kind of rhetoric that leads to violence.

What the protesters are doing is blatantly illegal. 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1507 explicitly bans picketing “in or near a building or residence occupied or used by [a] judge,” for the purpose of “interfering with, obstructing, or impeding the administration of justice, or with the intent of influencing any the discharge of his duty.” That, of course, is exactly what the protesters are doing.

Considering that they’re breaking a quite explicit law, the protesters don’t seem particularly worried about the consequences they might face. Maybe that’s because Jen Psaki, on her last day as Biden’s press secretary—she’ll now join MSNBC and will be replaced by someone who’s literally in bed with CNN—made it clear that the administration thinks these protests are a fine idea (and note how Psaki erroneously says there’s nothing, such as a law, to stop them):

The saying is that a fish rots from the head. Biden’s administration is demented, leftist, corrupt, and lawless, and that’s exactly what’s showing up on the street in front of two Supreme Court justices’ houses. This is a very dangerous situation, both for the judges and their families and for America as a whole. The rule of law is really the only thing that separates a functioning country from either anarchy or tyranny.

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