Joe Biden finds his political base -- in the fawning, slobbering, press

Joe Biden is detested by pretty much everyone. 

He's lost massive support among black voters, Latino voters, Asian voters, young voters, and political independents. Democrats won't let him campaign with them, and his party faces the mother-of-all-shellackings come November. Even many Bernie-ites don't like him. He can't get his phone calls returned by world leaders. He's a doddering buffoon on social media posts, the subject of meme stickers saying "I did that" at gas stations, and the unflattering topic of the popular "Let's go Brandon" chant which has spread so widely it's been seen on the t-shirt of a major league ballplayer, (who's having a kickass season this year).

But last night's White House Correspondent's Association dinner, Biden was among friends. 

After a series of unfunny, mean-spirited, and really stupid and dishonest "jokes" told in a doddering manner, his audience of largely press creatures, with a sprinkling of Hollywood celebs, leaped to their feet and couldn't stop applauding.

Here's some charm from the great uniter:

Here he laughs about gas prices and food inflation as just the funniest thing:

Here's some duddy dishonest humor that insults every voter in Florida trying to protect their children from sex-talking public school perverts:

(The video above includes satirical commentary afterward).

Biden's counterpart, host Trevor Noah, also took cheap shots at one of the few real journalists out there, Fox News's Peter Doocy.

See, this wasn't about journalism. It was about "journalism."

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine, which is the newspaper that had actually been censored on Twitter for reporting the true story of Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop exposing Biden family corruption, had the best observation about all this gaiety among friends:

This is probably the only place on earth where Joe Biden could get this kind of reception from anyone. We hope he's happy. And we hope the public is informed of it.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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