Irredeemably white

We've been looking at this all wrong.  We thought CRT was about changing the behavior of white people to be more inclusive, less racist, and more deferential to non-whites.  We were naïvely and pathetically wrong.  It's all about revenge.

Owen Strachan in his book, Christianity and Wokeness, has this shocking description of what the woke themselves say wokeness really means.  Strachan writes:

Woke scholars and activists argue that the America of today is much like the America that formalized slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation. In addition, the average "white" person today is much like an intentional racist of the American past, whether or not they actually say or do anything traditionally identified as racist[.] ... The well-meaning "white" housewife ... who goes about her daily business, tries to be a good neighbor, and lives a quiet existence is not fundamentally considered a decent citizen by virtue of God's common grace. There is no common grace in Wokeness; there's just the righteous (the Woke) and the guilty (ordinary white people.) This housewife is not just a part of the broader unjust framework, though; according to Kendi and others, she is the very burning core of the problem. Even as she posts photos of her kids on Instagram, bakes pumpkin muffins in the fall and volunteers at her local homeless shelter, she is actually a "white supremacist." She not only participates in the collective problem; in a real sense, she is the problem.

Despite CRT, DEI, and all the other permutations of white-shaming racism, the perpetrators of these ideologies are telling white people, regardless of the lives they lead, that even if white people believe they are colorblind, the very notion of colorblindness is thoroughly racist and objectionable.  They are saying that the honorable lives decent people lead are actually racist to the core by virtue of the white skin they live in.  No behavior on their part will change the fact that all white people are worse than Jim Crow, worse than forced segregation, and worse than slave-owners.  They are not redeemable.

It gets worse.  Far more deceptive, says Strachan, is the idea that

though it [wokeness] announces itself to us in positive terms, telling us we should be for "racial equality" and "justice" and "unity", it conceals thunder. It is not a movement of unity at all, nor does it preach tolerance. In actuality, it saves its strongest firepower not for extraordinary offenders, but for ordinary men and women who live quiet, normal American lives. Such people, it turns out, are the true villains.

It cannot be overstated that the woke among us insist that the majority-white culture in America is evil at its founding and remains so, no matter what is done to reverse it.  They say that Whiteness itself is evil no matter if the white people within the culture do no evil.  They are evil because they are born white — "systemic racism."  White people don't acquire racism; it is built into their DNA.  This "privilege" cannot be fixed and so it should be eliminated forcibly.  This is a seismically devastating worldview that allows no fixing, no redemption, no mercy, and certainly no equality.  Wokesters do not want equality.  They don't even want equity.  They want revenge. 

In 2017, a BLM organizer and speaker spilled the beans when she said:

All white people are racists. So, I put this up because I really want any white person in the room to know up front that this is what we're dealing with. That it's not going to be this coddling of white tears. And we're not going to discuss, "oh, maybe some of us are going to work it out." No, you're always going to be racist, actually. So even when you're on your path to trying to figure out how to be a better human being, I believe that white people are born into not being human[.] ... And that's what y'all are taught to do, be demons. So in this particular way, white people are all racists, so I just want y'all to know that up front.

She laughed during the delivery of this repulsive message that conveys the idea that white people have no chance of changing even if they wanted to.  They are demons.  No matter how many CRT and DEI courses they take, there is no redemption.

That raises some serious questions.  Is the CRT movement really a diversionary tactic to lure its victims into a false sense of security via CRT and DEI training?  If whiteness is something that cannot change and is evil at its core, why offer courses that purport to change the attitudes of white people?  But perhaps it is not white attitudes they wish to change, but white status: let whites feel what we felt as slaves.  Let them have everything taken from them.  Let them be forbidden to speak.  (Never mind that no one alive today suffered in this way.  If anything, there are practices and prejudices mitigating against white people in hiring, mortgages, college enrollment, etc.)

Something sinister has been bothering me from the beginning about this toxic CRT being injected into the American bloodstream: there is only one purpose for telling people that they not only cannot change, but are not worthy of changing: retribution.  Anti-white wokeness is not a call for unity or "anti-racism"; it is a call for dominance.  This smacks of revenge, not comity.  If the black/white issue goes away, large swaths of the woke culture dissolve, and race-hustlers go out of business.  Better to claim that it cannot be fixed so that they perpetuate their raison d'être.

News flash for the woke of all colors: red, white, and blue Americans, many of them young people, will not go quietly into the hellish gulag the wokesters have planned for us.  In fact, we won't go at all.  We are rising up, getting sharper.  What is revealed is a fatal weakness — an Achilles heel: we have the Spirit of '76, of liberty, of freedom on our side, preparing us for the newest theater in the culture war.  All they have is enmity and hate.  We are raising up patriotic and godly leaders to turn the tide of virulent anti-white, anti-Asian, anti-Judeo-Christian racism.  The woke are ill advised to underestimate the furious dragon, red in truth and claw, that is the roused American Spirit.

On second thought, let them underestimate us.  Our victory will be even sweeter.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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