Hallelujah! UN official tells the truth about Palestinian violence

God bless Tor Wennesland!

This Norwegian U.N. special coordinator for the Middle East peace process told the truth.

This is a rare quality among U.N. officials when it comes to getting to the heart of why there is no progress to peace with the Palestinians: they always point the finger of blame at Israel and never at the perpetrators of hate and violence.

Mr. Wennesland is a brave exception.

His report identified what really happened on the Temple Mount during Ramadan and Passover and pointed to the real perpetrators.

On 15 April, during the early morning hours, a large number of Palestinians gathered at the Al Aqsa compound. Some Palestinians threw stones, fireworks, and other heavy objects toward Israeli Security Forces. (snip)

Several dozen Palestinians entered a mosque in the compound, with some continuing to throw stones and fireworks toward Israeli security forces.

Following a standoff with those inside, Israeli police entered the mosque and arrested those barricaded inside, but not without a fight.

"During the clashes," he reported, "some damage was caused to the structure of the mosque."

He went on to report that Israeli forces entered the Al Aqsa Mosque only after the rioting Palestinians had barricaded themselves inside.

And Tor Wennesland actually praised the Israeli police, who were only attempting to restore law and order so that thousands of Muslims could peacefully pray atop the Temple Mount as part of their Ramadan rituals, thus confirming what every Israeli watching TV news already knew: that Israeli officials had "reiterated their commitment to upholding the status quo and ensuring that only Muslims would be allowed to pray on the holy esplanade."

So no Jews with their "filthy feet" came to "desecrate Islam's holy places," as claimed by Mahmoud Abbas in a previous incitement.  Instead, violent Arab rioters were desecrating their own holy shrines by using the Al Aksa Mosque as a weapons and explosive storage facility to launch attacks on law enforcement officers after pelting Jewish worshipers with dangerous missiles, thereby damaging religious property at the most holy sites for Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

Mr. Wennesland's report includes the fact that when Muslim dawn prayers ended around 6:30 A.M., hundreds of Palestinian youths began throwing rocks and fireworks stored in the Al Aksa Mosque at Jewish worshipers below the Temple Mount praying at the Western Wall.

Many were waving Hamas flags and chanted, "Death to the Jews!"  There are photographs and video images to prove this to be true. 

I-24 screen grab (cropped).

And when the police arrived to restore order, they barricaded themselves inside the mosque and began to launch explosive devices at the police outside, setting fire to property and trees. 

Police entered the mosque only to quell the violence and arrest the attackers.

Tor Wennesland's report, together with the evidence, should be sent to the Western media who falsely portrayed the unfolding events to cast Israel in a bad light.

One example was CNN's Christiane Amanpour who pointed an accusatory finger at her guest, Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett, by talking about "the rise of violence" by "settler terrorism" and accusing the Israeli police of "storming Islam's third most holy site," giving her viewers a false and blatantly one-sided narrative, shaking her head in denial when the prime minister responded by telling her, "There you go again, starting the story in the middle."

Why is it that news purveyors always give Israel a bad rap after we suffer losses from Palestinian terrorists and Hamas rockets?

What can we expect from the mainstream media in America that treat their own law enforcement like dirt, promoting the "Defund the Police" rioters?

Why should they show more sympathy for Israeli police trying to quell Arab riots and violence at the most holy place on Earth for the three main religions?

But this is the narrative we suffer from in Israel when Israelis are targeted for death by rioters and terrorists and our security forces are required to respond.

Have you noticed that when we respond to intense rocket fire, we do so "disproportionately," or there is a need to search through the rubble for "war crimes" or "crimes against humanity"?

There is, it seems, no humanity for dead Israelis, no war crimes for Palestinian rocket-firing terror groups, just as hundreds of dead black kids go unnamed and unmentioned by the mainstream media when they are slaughtered on the streets of Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and too many other communities in America.

America is caught in a problem that allows the dangerous and deadly to rule the streets.  Why should they apply anything different to Israel?

When violence is appeased and excused by the information-providers and the blatantly biased, this is where truth and morality go to die.

Barry Shaw, The View from Israel.

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