Biden is a human- and drug-trafficking monster

Starting on the day he was illegitimately inaugurated, Joe Biden began his joint operation with the drug cartels that control the border between the US and Mexico.  By stopping the building of the border wall (and leaving the paid-for supplies to rust in the desert) he declared the border open to all comers, luring thousands of naïve migrants wanting a better life to risk their lives to get here. 

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But the opened border was open as well to the cartels that traffic in drugs and humans, especially young girls.  Biden effectively went into business with the most brutal, barbaric people on the planet.  These criminal organizations long ago discovered that they could double the massive profits they rake in from drug smuggling by trafficking human beings.  

Joe Biden joined forces with the most lethal criminal organizations on day one of his presidency.  He invited disaffected migrants from around the world to flock to our southern border; they would be welcomed he said and indeed they have been, all two millions-plus of them. 

Thousands of those that come and are welcomed into the US, unvetted, are young men traveling alone.  Many thousands of others are unaccompanied children.  What happens to them when they arrive?  Well, no one knows exactly; they are welcomed at the border, given smart phones, hotel rooms, and cash for travel.  Often the young girls are separated from their families if they were traveling with their families.  

Meanwhile, our homeless citizens, many of whom are veterans, are treated like vermin, left to live and die on the streets of major cities run by Democrats.  The city of San Francisco is a case in point; it has been utterly degraded by leftist policies that promulgate drug use and ignore the mental illness and criminal behavior of these people who live on the streets and have destroyed the quality of life in the neighborhoods they inhabit.  

The left’s live-and-let-die attitude may well be the death of us all.  The cities that ignore their homeless are the same cities that refuse to charge and imprison violent offenders who are wreaking death and injury on those cities’ streets.  Since he took office, Biden has, and continues to exacerbate the decline of America’s once civil society.  

Check in to any legitimate site that tells the truth about what is occurring at the border and one will learn that the women and children who make the trek from Central America, through the Darian Gap in their devastatingly dangerous goal to reach the US, and you will learn that on the journey the women and young girls are repeatedly raped and otherwise sexually abused. 

Once they arrive, they are put on planes and busses and shuttled to parts unknown in the middle of the night.  Once here, the public has no idea what happens to them; their families owe money to the coyotes who got them to the border.  They are expected to pay back that money.  Often there is no information on the children but for a phone number in their pocket; the coyote’s phone number.  Into whose custody are they delivered?  Most likely to one of the many NGOs of questionable ethics that are raking in the big bucks… for what?  Housing these people or selling them? 

There is something so terribly rotten within this administration, within the Democrat party and the Republican swamp dwellers, that they are willing participants in the abuse and trafficking of children.  They are obsessively committed to making abortion legal and free up to and even after the birth of a full-term baby.  Apparently Catholic Biden approves of this along with most activist Democrats; Psaki was asked and she affirmed that fact.  Abortion is the hill on which they are willing to die.  Here is a paragraph from blogger DiploMad, a retired foreign service officer:  

Speaking of depressing, the Democratic party back home has shown its destructive malice once more. Over the years, I have written many times about the Democratic Party obsession with killing and abusing children. They want unfettered abortion, infanticide, and normalizing of pedophilia. They want children bombarded with sex from kindergarten on up. Their response to the leak from the Supreme Court is further evidence of the progressive obsession with killing children, especially black children. Yes, the Democrats hold up as their hero the racist eugenist Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood in order to kill black babies and eliminate black people from American life. This is, of course, all of piece with their war on the police which results in thousands of dead black youths in our cities. There is something criminally insane with the world's oldest political party.

Mark Crispin Miller has a column up titled What do the FBI, “our free press” and the #MeToo movement have in common?  They all could not care less about the rape of children.  Good point.  Someone else asked on Twitter “Would you like to know how I’m positive that the FBI protects high-profile pedophiles?  They raided Epstein’s private island, confiscated computers, hard drives various electronic devices, along with 20,000 images from his mansion in Manhatten [sic] and didn’t make a single arrest.”

Is it any wonder then that the DC establishment, Democrats and establishment Republicans, are not at all concerned by the Biden administration’s joint venture with the Mexican drug cartels and their massive program of human trafficking?  Do they worry about the tons of fentanyl pouring over the border and killing tens of thousands of people?  No; it’s who they are. They do not value individual human beings; we are only pawns in their game of power and never-ending quest for personal wealth.    They are adherents of Stalin’s view that “The death of one man is a tragedy; the death of millions is a statistic.”  

The Biden administration is secreting these unaccompanied children into cities throughout the nation.  Why is where they are being sent a secret?  The obvious answer is that whatever is being done to them is criminal.  With Biden in the White House, the true nature of the Democrat party and its fellow travelers in Congress have been exposed for all to see.  

Even with his diminished mental capacity, Joe Biden has done terrible damage to this country and the tens of thousands of migrants he has imported for a variety of purposes, among them cheap labor; they will all become serfs in the literal sense.  

Most devastating however is allowing the cartels to operate freely within our borders for the illicit abuse of children.  Most disgusting of all is that Biden seems to revel in his reign of terror over these young victims. In closing, the words of Albert Einstein: “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

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