Australia falls to the leftists in disastrous election

Australia is going to move to the left following voters’ rejection of the ruling Liberal Party (which is actually the conservative party) under Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Andrew Bolt writes in the Herald Sun (paywalled):

What a sick joke. We’ve replaced a prime minister with no vision with a Socialist Left leader with no clue.

But worse, our new Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, will now need the Greens’ help to get his crazier plans through Parliament — and that support will come at a nasty price.

Yes, this result will hurt Australia, and not just because Albanese showed himself to the world as so incompetent that he didn’t know even the most basic economic data.

Worse, he is a weak and emotional Left-wing populist who openly promises to spend much more than even the Morrison government, just when inflation is exploding.

But, more fatally for his new government and for the country, the new parliament we’ve just elected will be no brake and all accelerator as the Albanese government takes a hard turn Left and heads to the cliff.

Anthony Albanese delivers his victory Speech (YouTube screengrab)

It appears that Labor will need support from Green Party senators to get legislation through the Australian Senate, and they push a radical agenda of shutting down coal and nuclear fired power plants, even as China continues to build coal-fired power stations at a rapid pace, many of them burning Aussie coal.

Morrison, the defeated PM, was a bit of a squish, a moderate who tried hard to please the media/left, much like a Mitt Romney. In a separate article (also paywalled), Bolt writes:

This was so predictable.

Scott Morrison’s pathetic Liberals got smashed by telling the world they were the Guilty Party.

Guilty on the “climate emergency”.

Guilty of being mean to women.

Guilty on “reconciliation”.

Who’d vote for such a mewling pack of self-haters with so little self-respect that they won’t even sack a party traitor like Malcolm Turnbull?

Thank God this election wipe-out has taken out many of their worst grovellers.

Please, Peter Dutton, take over, and make the Liberals stop apologising for not being more like Labor.

Let the Liberals be Liberals again.

 Boris Johnson of the UK has already sent his congratulations to Labor, and when someone wakes up Joe Biden and hands him a statement to sign, no doubt he will too.

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