Shocking poll reveals Blacks see their White neighbors very negatively

The incessant media and progressive political campaign to claim that something called white supremacy is a major threat to Americans, especially African Americans, has been chillingly effective.  A Washington Post-Ipsos poll reveals that three quarters of Blacks are worried that they or someone they love will be attacked by a white person. And nearly as many, 70 percent, believe that half or more of all White people “hold white supremacist beliefs.”

Here is a screengrab of the relevant questions on the poll:

Two-thirds of Black people believe that white supremacy is a bigger threat today than 5 years ago, and 73 percent believe “restrictions on voting rights” are a “major threat.”

My own perspective is that these views are wildly unrealistic, that white supremacy is a distinctly crackpot phenomenon limited to a tiny percentage of the populace. Crime statistics show that interracial crime is overwhelmingly comprised of Black attacks on Whites and Asians, as opposed to attacks on Blacks.

But these results are perhaps not surprising, considering how the media have persuaded large numbers of Blacks and Whites that huge numbers of unarmed Black people are killed by police every year when the actual number is under 20 usually.

Unsurprisingly, the people who natter on about “disinformation” have nothing to say about the ruinous effect of racial fear-mongering on the subject of purported widespread White racism.

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman

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