Attacked at the local dry cleaner for my politics

It was early morning.  I was standing in line to drop off laundry before heading to work. 

A man leaving the store stopped; looked at me; stared; and said, "you are an intelligent woman."  I braced myself for what would follow — and follow, it did.

He started mildly enough but quickly escalated into a January 6 diatribe, and his belief of an absolute intent on that day of Republicans to overthrow the American government through revolution, which would culminate in the murder of Vice President Pence.

Somewhat stunned, and instead of ignoring him, which would have been the smart call, I gasped and said, "You don't really believe that."  Yes, he did, and worse.

He started yelling, telling me I was a Jew, a Nazi Jew.  All the time, his voice was rising higher and higher, with fingers pointing at me calling me a Jew Nazi.  The man, incredibly, was Jewish.

I calmly asked him to stop pointing at me and to leave.  He refused.  When that didn't work, I whipped out my iPhone and told him I was calling the police.  Then he left.

The elderly woman behind the counter was very upset and very apologetic.  Finally, my protestations convinced her that she had nothing to do with the man's insane hatred.

Responsibility lies with our media's incessant lies, the Democrats' demented defamation and slander of President Trump and bestial denouncement of the Republican Party, the utter canceling of influencers who disagree with their odious party line, and the Democrat leadership's illegal encouragement of anarchistic behavior toward any dissenters — may they be Supreme Court justices doing their jobs, as Pelosi has exhorted her henchman to do, as with Republican congressional members out for dinner, a comedian who doesn't hew the party line, or a Republican State Committee member merely dropping off laundry. 

They are vicious, deranged, dangerous fanatics, without civil restraint — and, one hopes in November, losers.

Photo credit: File photo by Edward HandsCC BY-SA 4.0 license.

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