Kamala does it again!

Is Kamala Harris trying to sound stupid?  I suppose the theory would be that she is trying to get people to underestimate her.

But I have a different theory: that she is really stupid, and having grown up as a hot chick, she suffers from hot chick syndrome.  That is, she's just not received an adequate level of negative feedback from male authority figures necessary to correct her behavior.

I think she doesn't think in complete sentences, and when she begins a sentence during a speech or interview, she has no idea how she will finish it.

That would account for this level of ungrammatical inanity:

You know, when we talk about our children, I know for this group, we all believe that when we talk about the children of the community, they are a children of the community.

"A children."

Photo credit: Grabien video screen grab.

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