An ‘assault’ weapons ban doesn’t mean what we think it means

This weekend, the National Rifle Association hosted its annual conference in Houston, Texas. Without fail, the convention draws anti-gun protesters, but in the wake of Uvalde this past week, the misdirected anger and grief was particularly vitriolic.

So when Biden, or any other enemy of the people, suggests an “assault” weapons ban, it’s important to recognize they don’t actually want to ban them. What they are really saying is they only want a specific group to maintain possession – government agents with a well-documented history, one detailing a “long train of abuses and usurpations” and violence against the innocent. One need look no further than Ruby Ridge, or Waco – or even the actions of law enforcement officers in Uvalde this week, who handcuffed and tased parents while a gunman shot their children to pieces.

The global historical record is one marred by egregious abuses of human rights – ethnic cleansings, genocides, enslavement – and the perpetrator is always the same: a tyrannical government and their obedient, mechanized foot soldiers. Foot soldiers who mowed down a student, peacefully protesting in Tiananmen Square; foot soldiers who tossed infant children into the air for target practice as they and their mothers arrived at the camps; and foot soldiers who nailed an innocent Man to the cross to die an unjust death.

Oft attributed to Hitler is this quote: “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.” Modern Americans, ones who self-assemble under the umbrella of ‘useful idiot’, prefer the would-be oppressors to be the only ones with firepower – well, what ‘good fortune’ for a government that favors brutal totalitarianism.

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