American institutions outsource graduation speeches to foreign elites

Springtime in these United States means universities across the country gather for ceremonies and speeches.  Two of the most academically (dis)reputable establishments, Stanford and Harvard, played host to foreign elites pushing a leftist global agenda.  Zelensky made an emotional appeal to encourage further bankrupting American citizens to support his war with a global superpower, while New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern arrogantly detailed her country's "progressive" legislative model.


From her speech:

In the past ten years, we have passed laws, that include everything from the introduction of gay marriage and the banning of 'conversion therapy', right through to embedding a one-point five degree climate change target into law. Banning military-style semi-automatics and assault rifles, and, the decriminalization of abortion.

These two events and their key speakers highlight the continued push in academia for a world of subjugated citizenries under the heels of leftist global elites.  Historically, a strong America meant a more peaceful world — and with the degradation of traditional Western values and the intentional erosion of America first, we see the world devolve into chaos and carnage.  We've seen the repercussions of feeble American leadership — the withdrawal in Afghanistan; open borders leading to an 8,000% increase in crossings; an exponential rise in the cost of living while the value of the dollar rapidly descends; violent upheaval in Ukraine; and, of all things, a baby formula shortage.

At Stanford, Zelensky told somber tales of shattered Ukrainian lives, but the "celestial article" of "freedom" is worth the sacrifice — for which the American people are largely paying.  After all, Zelensky needs:

Weapons that will help overcome the technical and quantitative superiority of the Russian army. ...

 Finances that will allow Ukraine to maintain social normalcy while the war continues. ...

Updated efficient security architecture.

Americans are footing the bill for the Ukrainian conflict, either through direct confiscation of our wealth via taxation or unfettered printing by the Federal Reserve.  This financial situation created by global elites, many of whom sit in Washington, is destructive on many levels.  Not only do we as citizens lose financial security as individuals, but a decimated economy costs us national sovereignty — a massive benefit to globalist interests.

This is the Great Reset — a dystopian future of leftist modernity.

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