Border surge: Venezuelan crossings up 8,000% since October

While Kamala Harris is down in Guatemala looking for all those root causes for the border surge, and touring children's education centers and chatting with NGOs, the border rush is continuing as before with this new development, according to Kevin Downey, Jr. at PJMedia:

SHOCKER: Illegal Border Crossings by Venezuelans Up More Than 8000%

You read that right. Customs and Border Patrol, (CBP) reports that 10,864 Venezuelans have crossed the border this fiscal year, which began on October 1, 2020—in just the Del Rio sector. The Del Rio sector covers 47 counties and 245 miles of border along the Rio Grande in Southwest Texas. Last fiscal year the number of illegal immigrants from Venezuela was 135. If my calculator is accurate, that’s a 7947.71% increase. All thanks to Gropey Joe Biden.

Which presents some uncomfortable problems for Harris and the Biden administration. Not only is the border unguarded, surges are coming in from all over, not just Central America.

As things stand now, only 44% of the illegal border crossers hail from Central America. The huge upsweep in Venezuelans at the border signals that smuggling networks have gotten the hooks in much wider geography. 

Which rather renders Kamala's trip to to Central America looking for root causes kind of a joke. The Venezuelans are coming for the same reason the Central Americans are coming -- which is Joe Biden's invitation to all comers. So as Kamala seeks out the root causes and visits daycare centers in Mexico and Guatemala, the big "pull" factor which is being heard worldwide gets ignored. Harris can nationbuild all she likes in a place like Guatemala, bringing in banks offering free stuff and money for the government, but if she's serious about ending the border surge, she's going to have to do that in every country, otherwise the Guatemala caper is a joke.

What's more, many of these Venezuelans have credible asylum cases. They are fleeing stolen elections and actual socialism, Chavista thugs shooting into crowds to instill terror, Chavista thugs invading apartments, Chavista thugs taking away their ration cards and cutting off their water for not voting the way they like.  And their ballots are not secret, another sick reality of the politics of a one-party socialist state. These refugees didn't vote for this garbage, this happened by force, through the good offices of one Fidel Castro, a famous communist who, along his successors, acolytes and Western enablers has already chased 20% of his nation's population out, and probably more.

The fact, noted in the piece, that these Venezuelans are bringing in more luggage and suitcases than Central America's average border crossers suggests these are the remnants of a ruined middle class, people with education, people with social capital, such as believing in two-parent families, people who might be able to contribute to society. 

Obviously, these people need to be sorted out -- Chavista thugs have likely fallen on hard times, too, and might like a berth in as well, but if anyone should be able to stay in the land of the free, it's the Venezuelans who were never part of that. They've already fled in huge numbers to other South American countries, often wearing out their welcome for better or for worse. If the U.S. is to take any asylum seekers, these (and the Cubans and Nicaraguans) who have had elections stolen out from them and are now fleeing one-party socialism, are likely to be thankful for asylum and grateful for America. After all, if it was us, wouldn't we do the same?

But don't count on Kamala to look for any root causes in their cases. This border surge is frankly, just too big for her. And Venezuelans pose some uncomfortable questions for Bidenites.

Image: Daily Caller, via YouTube video, screen shot

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