Why Biden pursues politically suicidal policies

The politically insane plan to divert resources away from the Veterans' Administration to care for illegal aliens is only the latest example of the unpopular policies that have driven Biden's approval ratings into the toilet.

But it's not insane if the endgame is to "fundamentally transform" the country in such a way that it can't be reversed, and politics will no longer play the same role.

  • Once geopolitical alliances and relationships have been altered as they're being since Obama's first term and now on steroids;
  • Once four years of an open border with possible 6–10 million illegal aliens flood in and alter demographics and domestic policy, including drugs, crime, welfare, education, housing, and of course voting;
  • Once you destroy every major institution from academia and the media to the Democrat party and Executive Branch departments like State, DHS, IRS, DOJ, etc., not to mention the military...

You can't just reverse it.

So perhaps the endgame, after Obama (and his handlers) realized that eight years of slow change was the wrong method, is four years on steroids while gutting every constitutional protection that's kept us the greatest civilization in the history of the world.

This could be accomplished only with the past several decades of the left's infiltration, indoctrination, and money directed at all of this.

I'm not generally a conspiracy theorist and hate them, but there's no logical explanation for what we're seeing from a political standpoint.  It seems far more nefarious.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore.

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