The warmists' real agenda

In the Monty Python sketch "The Parrot," a customer returns a parrot he had bought just 30 minutes before.  Why?  Because it is dead.  The shopkeeper insists that the parrot is not dead, but resting.  Nothing the customer says can change the shopkeeper's mind.

Our modern-day shopkeepers, the global warmists, insist that a cataclysmic doom is our future unless we throw the entire world into a state of complete chaos.

There have been a number of studies on our side that show that global warming is a hoax.  Will the left do what we do, have a serious discussion of those studies?  Absolutely not — they are not interested. 

If the hand of God were to deliver two stone tablets with ten reasons why there is no global warming, would our global warmists listen?  Never in a hundred years.  The parrot is not dead.

The warmists' messianic devotion to global warming is completely irrational.  They won't let any fact or reason get in the way of their blind assuredness.  In the shopkeeper's case, he didn't want to give the money back.  In our global warmists' case, they are hiding their real agenda: global government.

Their logic is simple enough.  How do you fight a global problem without global government?  What is the biggest impediment to global government?  The United States of America.  Therefore, America must be destroyed.

The global warmists are performing a magic trick.  They have been practicing it for years.  They have created an army of useful idiots who swear the parrot is not dead.

The warmists have global warming in their right hand.  Everyone is paying attention to their right hand.  The real action, however, is silently taking place on their left.  It is useless to pay attention to the right hand.

If we argue with the warmists about anything to do with climate, we lose.  If we are foolish enough to talk to them about climate, our attention is focused on the shiny object in their right hand.  They have succeeded in tricking us. 

Instead, we need to start asking warmists the right questions.  Why are you destroying the dollar?  Why are you destroying our economy?  Why are you defunding the police?  Why are you flooding our country with millions of illegals and giving them our money?  Why are you destroying our Constitution?

When the dollar and the economy are ruined, when there are no food, no money, and no supply chain, whom will we turn to?  The government, of course.  The government will run everything; it will be up to it to dole out food and other life necessities.  There will be no limited government, and without limited government, there can be no freedom.  The noble experiment of self-government will have come to an end.

Our "friends," the warmists, those who are so concerned about our future, will never give up on the global warming hoax.  For them, the parrot is not dead.  It is, therefore, foolish to even argue with them about it.  If we get involved in an argument about global warming, we lose.  The warmists will have successfully drawn our attention away from their real agenda: the destruction of our country.

Global government, here we come!

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