The New York Times peddles a new 'narrative' about Joe Biden supposedly being upset about his own border surge

For the past sixteen months since Joe Biden took office, most of the media, other than Fox News, have essentially ignored if not encouraged the criminal and illegal activity at the border. 

There has been little reporting of children in crowded facilities, of all the sick people coming into the United States, especially those with COVID, of deaths at the border, of children and women being raped, of gang members and terrorists coming into the U.S., or of Mexican crime cartels getting rich off drug-, human-, and sex-trafficking. 

Essentially, journalists buried the truth and hoped the public wouldn't find out.  Biden and most other Democrats haven't even shown up at the border. 

A.G. Merrick Garland, the FBI, and the Justice Department seem to give little thought to the criminal activity at the border.

The only time the media, Biden, other Democrats, and the Justice Department have seemed excited about the border was when they had the chance to report the fake news story that racist ICE agents were whipping illegal aliens.  

It was clear from the start that the story was a lie, yet the media didn't care.  After all, it fits the narrative that the U.S is a systemically racist country. 

The story was as fake as the Jussie Smollett caper, the story of Russian collusion, and the claim that white Christian boys from Kentucky were racists, but the media gladly peddled such lies to destroy people as they pushed their leftist agenda to destroy America.

Now there's a new one — one the New York Times seems to have cooked up, claiming that Joe Biden is upset about his own border surge.

Let's start with the backdrop:

As soon as Biden took office, he started dismantling Trump's policies that had significantly limited illegal immigration.  These included stopping the construction of the border wall and limiting deportations. 

Now, in another measure that is already triggering a new border surge, Biden is vowing to drop the Title 42 instant deportation policy, which is employed to prevent the importation of COVID.  Everyone can see the connection, and everyone can see that surge coming, so now the New York Times puts out what looks like another fake story, based on anonymous sources, claiming that Biden has actually been livid about the border since two months after he took office. 

Look at this:

How Infighting Over the Border Divided the White House

President Biden was livid.

He had been in office only two months and there was already a crisis at the southwest border. Thousands of migrant children were jammed into unsanitary Border Patrol stations. Republicans were accusing Mr. Biden of flinging open the borders. And his aides were blaming one another.

Facing his bickering staff in the Oval Office that day in late March 2021, Mr. Biden grew so angry at their attempts to duck responsibility that he erupted.

Who [sic] do I need to fire, he demanded, to fix this?

Mr. Biden came into office promising to dismantle what he described as the inhumane immigration policies of President Donald J. Trump. But the episode, recounted by several people who attended or were briefed on the meeting, helps explain why that effort remains incomplete: For much of Mr. Biden's presidency so far, the White House has been divided by furious debates over how — and whether — to proceed in the face of a surge of migrants crossing the southwest border.

This account of the Biden administration's handling of the border over the past 15 months is based on interviews with 20 current and former officials, lawmakers and activists, most of whom requested anonymity to discuss private deliberations.

This has is to be taken with the full salt shaker of salt because it is based on anonymous sources, and it is so far from what we have seen or heard from Biden since he took office.

Biden has never visited the border, never called on border governors for help, and not once has he ever publicly admitted that anyone in his administration screwed up.  Most of the time, Biden blames Trump for his problems.

Biden in fact continues to open the border to more illegals.

Neither the head of the Department of Homeland Security nor any other high-level officials has been fired. 

Not once has White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Biden was ticked off about the border mess.  Instead, Psaki says that the White House has always told the truth and been transparent.  She always downplays the problem.

Kamala Harris is involved in many meetings on the border, supposedly, and she would certainly know if Biden was blaming American bureaucrats for the problem as the Times claims.  Maybe she could stop her search for root causes and let us know.

The story is as fake as claiming that the science is settled that fossil fuels cause temperatures to rise.

Contrast the lack of reporting on the border over the last sixteen months with the endless reporting on the border during Trump's years because he was enforcing the law and building a wall.  He was portrayed as a racist and the press claimed that he didn't care about the children.

AOC and others went down to protest, but that was all fake, too, because rarely, if ever, have they shown any concern for the children or anyone else since Biden took office.  The children who have been harmed during the Biden years are disposable.

The protests at the border by Democrats during the Trump years were as fake as the Me-Too movement.  Not once did the media, Hollywood, and other Democrats give a damn about all the women Bill and Hillary physically and mentally abused and sought to destroy.  Those women were dispensable.

The public have been shown pictures of "kids in cages" at the border, which they blamed on President Trump, so the fakery kept rolling.  Turns out the pictures they showed in that narrative-making project were from the Obama-Biden years.

That was fake news.

  • Several 2014 photos of detained immigrant children in cages went viral in May, and former Obama administration officials rushed to offer explanations.
  • The former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau had even shared the images on Twitter, mistakenly believing they were taken during Donald Trump's presidency.

The left was never outraged that billionaire Bezos owned the WaPo, but leftists are in sheer panic mode now that Elon Musk might end up owning Twitter.  They believe that it is an existential threat to their quest to censor anyone who dares to disagree with them.

The social media giants didn't miss the rantings of the racist subway terrorist.  They didn't care.  They are busy targeting and censoring conservatives and Trump-supporters.

So why is the NYT running a fake news piece now that Biden has been livid for a year about the border crisis?  Because the poll numbers suck, and Democrats are going to get their clocks cleaned at the midterms, so they have to pretend to care. 

Why are the NYT, WaPo, and other media outlets running the story about the Hunter Biden laptop now since they have known it was true since October 2020, when they censored the story?  Because Hunter may be charged!  They are still intentionally lying that Joe isn't involved because they know that Joe has been involved for a long time in lining the family's pockets with kickbacks. 

Most of what the media report is not news.  It is purported "news" articles attempting to manipulate the public into electing Democrats and infecting the public with a leftist agenda.  Thankfully, a significant section of the public is aware of the fake news, which is why Biden's positive rating is frequently below 40%.  Among independents in these polls, Biden has a favorability rating below 30%.  Being what they are, the numbers are probably exaggerated.

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