The deadly cost of illegal aliens in America

There was very sad news today: a Texas National Guardsman drowned in the Rio Grande River yesterday attempting to rescue someone who was illegally heading into this country.  That tragedy should force us to conduct a risk-reward analysis both for America and for the illegal aliens pouring into the country.

Bill Melugin, who's pretty much the only representative of a major media company keeping an eye on the southern border, first broke the news:

That guardsman gave his life for a criminal.  Additionally, through his death, he effectively told the millions of other people from all over the world heading for America's southern border, with the intent to commit an illegal act, that their lives matter more than American lives do.  That's quite the incentive for them.

Aside from being potential Democrat voters, illegal aliens offer little to America.  We're constantly told they do the jobs Americans won't do, but that's just ex post facto rationalization.  Either Americans will do the jobs if illegal aliens won't or Congress will be pushed to change quotas for those who can enter legally.  So that's not a benefit.

The illegal aliens whose biggest criminal activity is breaking and entering into America create slums, drive down wages, destroy schools, suck up welfare, and bring new and ugly diseases into America.  They are expensive and destructive.  Meanwhile, the professional criminal element floods America with deadly drugs, engages in sex-trafficking, rapes women and children, and kills people through drunk driving and out-and-out murder.

Images: Migrants crossing the Rio Grande.  YouTube screen grab.

And all of them destroy the property and livelihoods of those people unlucky enough to live along the border while Biden is destroying that border.  There is no benefit to Americans from illegal immigration.  (Planned, legal immigration is a different story.)

For the illegal aliens, the calculation is entirely different.  Once they make it into America, they get care packages, welfare, phones, free transportation, free education for their children, and health benefits, as well as being hooked into job networks for illegal aliens.  Yes, the journey is tiring and dangerous, but the payoff is good, and now they've seen that their lives are more important than American lives.  Clearly, the incentives outweigh the dangers.

This is an unsustainable situation, and Democrats know it.  In true Cloward-Piven fashion, they want to break the system so they can institute the Marxist paradise they long for.

The way to stop this situation is to change the incentives.  A law-abiding executive in the White House would help, as would a Congress that funds walls and ends financial incentives for illegal aliens.  And, although this sounds cruel, it's time to take a long hard look at the rescue efforts in which our Border Patrol people and National Guardsman engage.

My tribe is the American people, not the illegal aliens.  Looked at from that viewpoint, there's something very wrong when members of my tribe are forced, as part of their jobs, to die in the service of people who have no business being here in the first place.

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