Just how bad are things at Twitter?

Now that Elon Musk has scarfed up Twitter with his $45-billion offer, prompting shivers across the world of wokedom, just how bad are things at that leftist outfit?

Well, let's start with the bawling censor.

According to Ace at Ace of Spades:

Vijaya Gadde is the super-SJW lawyer who pushed and pushed to make it against the rules on Twitter to refer to any transgender by his correct pronouns. She pushed the claim from the transgender lobby that it is "violence" and "causes harm" to ever acknowledge their actual sex.

You can see this gender-bent ideological maniac debating Tim Pool, with her dum-dum boss Jack Dorsey (then-CEO of Twitter), on the Joe Rogan show.

Right off the back in this debate, she's defending the censorship of Dr. Sean Baker for pushing the carnivore diet. Soon thereafter, she and Jack both claim that there will be no censorship of people suggesting that vaccines are unsafe, that that's not against the rules.

Yes, that would change in a few years, huh?

Essentially, she's been pushing the line that anything the left claims "causes harm" must be censored and that the idea that all this censorship causes harm to free speech just isn't a consideration we should worry about.

She also is known to have been the loudest proponent of censoring the New York Post, shutting down the entire media organization's participation on Twitter on mendacious claims that the Post was violating terms of service for...reporting the news, which is to say the accurate story of Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop, which rolled out inconveniently before Joe Biden's "election."  Although there is plenty of evidence to suggest that fraud won the election, that act did affect the election as well, as significant numbers of voters who said they had voted for Biden without that information said they would have changed their votes had they known.  That makes her act not just fourth-world censorship, but an illegal in-kind political donation, which should be sanctioned.

This is a political slimeball with dictatorial impulses.  She was certainly among the crew that banned the president of the United States, while blithely allowing the Taliban, the Iranian mullahs, and Vlad Putin to post without fetters.  And now, like a bully who's been beaten, she's out bawling and whimpering after her raw thuggery with the First Amendment has been exposed.  Yes, bawling.

Now let's go to the company meeting.

Seems that James O'Keefe has been active, releasing a tape of Twitter's internal meeting after Musk made his purchase.  It wasn't pretty:

The fraught voices, and the terror that Twitter's censorship policies will end, are all over the place.  How will they control Elon?  We will do a mass exodus!  CEO Parag Agrawal piously speaks of his commitment to censorship.  Bleagh.  The place is obviously in a panic — and a lefty mess of entitlements.  Musk has advised them that their six-figure jobs will be "safe" for six months.  After that, he'll effectively be sick of them, and they'll be out on their ears, and they know it.  Perhaps they can seek new jobs at Truth Social.

Now let's look at the polls.  According to BizPac Review:

Before the final moves were made and Twitter had second thoughts about Musk's offer of a $54.20 per share price to buy the company, a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll began to monitor the topic with voters and found a majority also felt the platform negatively targeted conservatives.

The survey, released to The Hill on Monday, showed that 57 percent of voters approved of the sale which finally went through on Monday, selling Twitter to Musk for $44 billion. Meanwhile, another 52 percent indicated that they believed conservative speech is censored on the platform while 48 percent thought the platform was fair.

It seems that amid all the bawling at headquarters and media meltdowning, way off in the distance, the sounds of the public cheering Musk can be heard.  Those are landslide numbers.

Now let's check in with @Jack:

The Twitter founder, who was apparently ousted by the current Censorship Crew running the company now, seems to like what's going on here with Musk buying the company and vowing to restore free speech.  Jack Dorsey, remember, was actually against the Twitter banning of President Trump.  The censorship-happy others bulled ahead and did it anyway.

Musk understands what's going on here very, very well:

And how's the stock price been doing?

Image: Google screen shot.

Largely trending flat for an extended period of time, with spikes upward when Musk took some sort of action, meaning the markets like Musk's idea to buy and take Twitter private.  I wrote about Twitter's self-sabotage against its own market cap here

Lastly, let's look at Musk's latest tweet:

Wow.  Who knew?  President Trump's new rival platform to Twitter, Truth Social, is beating the crap out of Twitter on the Apple store.  When you see a company owner tweet out something like that, it's pretty obvious that he's making a statement about the need for some changes around there.  It's a striking warning to the Twitter creatures whose job is to make the company increase in value and participation — they've been falling down on the job, based on their love for all things woke.

That's a sign of a company in trouble — with a knight rushing in to pick that place up from the gutter whence it's fallen and start competing in the marketplace of ideas.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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