Don't let the old stumblebum fool ya!

Joe Biden may indeed be incompetent, stupid, and even demented.  But he's a tool in implementing a malevolent and insidious agenda.  This Biden regime is actually Obama's third term, and the agenda being implemented is to bring about the "fundamental transformation" of America that Obama promised.  It's all about the destruction of our economy and our system of government, the destruction of America as we know it.

Jill leads a confused Joe offstage.  YouTube screen grab.

It's the Cloward-Piven Strategy, and it's now on steroids.  It's the roadmap for how to overload and break the system, and to break and eventually eliminate the middle class (and all that goes with it, like small business and the very spirit of entrepreneurship).  Anyone not familiar with the Cloward-Piven Strategy can read about it in greater detail in an American Thinker article from November 2009, "Cloward-Piven Government," by James Simpson.

Inflation (which is really another word for devaluation of our currency and diminution of our purchasing power) is a powerful tool in breaking the middle class.  Raising the price of fuel and food will bring more and more households to the financial breaking point and dependence on government assistance.  Make enough people more concerned with their very survival than with their rights and freedoms, and you successfully undermine the essence of America.

The agenda has been advanced by the COVID pandemic, and it's now being advanced by Russia's actions in Ukraine.  Under the guise of punishing Russia by ceasing our purchases of Russian oil, the regime now has an excuse for fuel prices to rise even higher, ramping up further the increase that was set in motion by Biden deliberately relinquishing America's energy independence achieved under the policies of Pres. Trump.  That energy independence could be restored, but that wouldn't serve the agenda.

The dilemma of having to choose whether to spend one's devalued dollars on food or on gasoline is already a common experience spreading through our culture.  Consider this.

America is now firmly in the hands of those who would delight in seeing her brought low.

When Obama first ran for president, I quipped that his campaign slogan should be "He hates America as much as you do," in order to appeal to all those who — despite living here and presumably enjoying all the rights, benefits, and privileges of life in the freest, fairest nation on the planet — still somehow regard the U.S. as a systemically racist, oppressive, war-mongering, imperialist entity long overdue for her comeuppance.

What they long for, and are now able to envision being accomplished, could be called the Venezuelification or the Zimbabwefication of America.  (Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, underwent a redistributionist "fundamental transformation" from "the breadbasket of Africa" to a basket case.  See my AT piece from June 2013, "Why Not Zimbabwe?")

And may I remind everyone that William Ayers, the domestic terrorist who helped Barack Obama get started in politics and (as Jack Cashill makes a convincing case) is likely the actual author of Obama's so-called autobiography, once revealed just how malevolent his and his cohorts' plans were when he said 25 million Americans would have to be purged (he meant "murdered"!) in order to usher in the Marxist utopia that is the goal of the "fundamental transformation."  But, just as all other numbers are being adjusted up for inflation, I think Ayers would say today that that number, as well, needs to be much larger.

Stu Tarlowe has contributed over 150 pieces to American Thinker.  His personal pantheon of heroes and role models includes Barry Farber, Jean Shepherd, Long John Nebel, Aristide Bruant, Col. Jeff Cooper, Rabbi Meir Kahane and G. Gordon Liddy.  He was employed as a staff writer for the online magazine of a think-tank forecasting political and societal trends, but when he had to be hospitalized for COVID, he was replaced.  Having recovered, he now writes on a variety of topics (political and personal) in his newsletter at

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