Liberalism's global reach

Teddy Roosevelt once defined American foreign policy as "speak softly and carry a big stick."  Foreign policy today is to export liberal democracy globally by force.  The Europeans gobbled up liberal democracy in the postwar era and refined it well...for them.  Nations outside Europe are not so keen on it.  They look at America and say, "We don't want the kind of ideologies that are ruining your nation to ruin our nation."

With its tribalism, massive debt, massive taxes, vote-buying under the guise of the welfare system, transgender rights, teaching 3rd- and 4th-graders about anal penetration as an alternative lifestyle, and the mountain of other problems, liberalism, as it has been redefined by American Marxists, is not an export product.

So instead of backing off and regrouping and thinking of more practical diplomatic means of exporting their American left-wing liberal democracy to the world, they try to buy them off using the International Monetary Fund, and when nations won't join the IMF banking cabal, they say, "Do it or we will make you."

Hence what is happening now in Ukraine.  These American leftists told Russia that Ukraine was going to be considered for NATO membership, a direct assault on Russian hegemony in the region.  This forced Putin into a corner and a war.  The United States would never accept the violation of the Monroe Doctrine and allow Russian alliances in Mexico or Canada.  We didn't accept it in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

So American foreign policy, in this case, is deployed through NATO and boils down to a bunch of left-wing thugs who control our military might saying, "Do what we tell you, or we will send black helicopters and shiny airplanes that can't be seen on radar, and we will drop bombs on you."

This didn't start under the drone-king Obama.  It started under Jimmy Carter and was carried on through every presidency since, because the leftist Deep State existing inside the United States State Department doesn't leave when a new president arrives.  Welcome to American-style liberal democracy.

Image: Pixabay.

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