Whoopi Goldberg reveals herself as an antisemitic ignoramus

Whoopi Goldberg (born Caryn Johnson and most decidedly not Jewish), de-Judaized the Holocaust, a strikingly antisemitic act.  After a deserved uproar, she apologized, but that's not good enough.  Just as Sharon Osborne and Roseanne Barr got fired for offending racial shibboleths, Goldberg needs to go.

Goldberg, a staple on The View, a show in which several inane left-wing women loudly opine about the issues of the day, dismissed the Holocaust as a uniquely Jewish event and, essentially, said a lot of people died during World War II, so the Jews shouldn't make it all about themselves.  And by saying it was a White-on-White crime, she obliquely asserted an argument I've heard from Blacks, which is that Blacks suffered slavery for centuries in America, so the Jews shouldn't make such a big deal about the few years of the Holocaust.

On Monday's The View, the harridans...er, ladies were talking about the misreported claim that a Tennessee school district censored Art Spiegelman's overrated Maus, which is essentially a comic book about the Holocaust (and yes, I have read it, and I came away feeling that it was a barely acceptable allegory).  In fact, the school approves of teaching about the Holocaust.  It simply believed that the book was so graphic that it was age-inappropriate for middle-schoolers.  The false narrative served its purpose, though, by calling red-staters antisemites.

Whoopi's antisemitism, though, was open and obvious.  She said explicitly that the Holocaust wasn't about race, saying, instead, "This is White people doing it to White people," and "It's not about race. ... It's about man's inhumanity to man. ... These are two groups of White people[.]"

First, Jews are a race, and I've got the DNA evidence within me to prove it.  Second, Hitler was determined to destroy an entire race, and part of why he lost the war was that he was so fanatically dedicated to the task that he diverted troops, trains, and other war materiel from the eastern front to continue the job.  So successful was he that he managed to murder 75% of European Jewry and would have murdered 100% if his military defeats hadn't stopped him.  That's about race.

Second, this is part of a leftist practice of "de-Judaizing" the Holocaust.  If you go to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, you will discover that the tour feeds into a room that manages to blend the Holocaust, a unique evil in history, into just a general display showing how people are mean to each other.  In the same way, the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect in New York has become an all-purpose "people are mean" place.  (I wrote about all that at length here, so I won't repeat myself.)

Third, this is part of a pattern that sees radicalized Blacks dismiss the Holocaust because it competes with their slavery narrative.  For them, acknowledging the Holocaust's unique place in modern Western history diminishes slavery's evils.  This ignores that, while Blacks were terribly and immorally abused in an institution as old as mankind, they were not liquidated with the goal of erasing them from the Earth.

Fourth, as Ben Shapiro points out, painting the Jews as privileged White people is a way simultaneously to erase actual antisemitism and make the modern leftist version permissible:

By the way, while Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League did call Whoopi out on her miserable statement, keep in mind that, under his aegis, the ADL has also been de-Judaized.  It too uses "privilege," rather than race, to define racism.

Whoopi apologized for what she said:

Not good enough.  Roseanne Barr's show was taken from her because she tweeted out a picture of Obama consigliere Valerie Jarrett in what was seen as a racist context.  Roseanne apologized profusely and explained (probably accurately) that she didn't know Jarrett was Black.  But Barr was conservative, so Hollywood locked her out.

And just last year, Sharon Osborne was kicked off The Talk (a View redo) because she dared to support her friend Piers Morgan, who had said, accurately, words to the effect that Meghan Markel is a self-centered, whiny narcissist.  Osborne was instantly guilty of racism by association and, despite profuse apologies, she was gone, too.

I hope to see Whoopi Goldberg on the unemployment line by the end of this week.  She deserves no less than to be unceremoniously booted to the curb despite her mealy-mouthed apology.

Image: Whoopi Goldberg (edited in befunky).  Twitter screen grab.

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