Jen Psaki mocks and guffaws at Americans' concerns about 'consequences' of Democrats' 'soft-on-crime' policies

To White House spokesweasel Jen Psaki, Americans' concerns about violent crime are a laughing matter. 

Get a load of her eye-rolling mockery about the popularity of Fox News's Judge Jeanine Pirro, whose monologues about violent crime have drawn her a huge audience:

Here's my transcription of her wisdom on the matter:

Do you remember the four boxes that you had, that we had on all the TVs, right? — that's on my TV right now?  So right now, just to give you a sense, there's CNN — Pentagon: As many as 8,500 troops on heightened alert, OK, true, same on MSNBC, CNBC is doing their own thing about the market, and then on Fox is Jeanine Pirro talking about soft on crime consequences.  I mean what (giggle), what does that even mean?  So there's an alternate universe on some, uhh, coverage.  What's scary about it is a lot of people watch it if you look at Fox on a daily basis.  I mean...

She mocked.  She guffawed.  She chuckled.

Psaki was mocking Pirro's weekend Justice with Jeanine, which was a high-enough-rated show that Fox promoted her to a new role co-hosting their number-two-rated prime-time show, The Five.

Pirro is a former judge who would know a thing or two about violent crime, to say the least.

But more to the point, Psaki was mocking the interest Pirro's show drew in its focus on violent crime, mocking and dismissing it as a non-issue.  "I mean what (giggle) what does that mean?"

Apparently, it's unimportant to her.  Smash-and-grab robberies, open-air looting, prominent philanthropist shot dead by a cat burglar in her security-guarded home in Beverly Hills, UCLA grad student knifed dead by a bum on parole in Los Angeles, woman pushed in front of a moving subway by another bum in New York City?  Young rookie police officers brazenly shot dead by a criminal who belonged in jail in New York?  We aren't supposed to be concerned?  How about the fact that people avoid downtown areas at night and plan trips based on whether they're likely to be assaulted?  How about the closed-down stores, based on the monster quantity of shoplifting?

Nobody should be worried? 

What's scary about it is a lot of people watch it if you look at Fox on a daily basis.  I mean...

That's what's scary?  To normal people, it's the prospect of being pushed in front of a subway or being knifed while working alone in a ritzy furniture store.  To Jen, the only scary thing is that people may hear about it and talk about it.

Speaking of "alternate universes," Jen, here's a column from John Kass that she obviously missed:

The story gripping America is violent crime.

It is the most important story out there now, and nurtured by woke rogue prosecutors in big cities across the country, many of them supported by leftist billionaire George Soros and other wealthy political donors like him.

From murders to mob action, to those videos of looters and smash-and-grabs in high-end retail outlets right before Christmas, from innocents, including bus drivers beaten to a pulp by street mobs, to politicians blaming the victims and the citizens avoiding the downtowns out of fear. It's all of a piece.

The increase of violent crime is the number one issue in America. People might not talk about it publicly at work, lest they be accused of some social sin. But they do talk about it when they're alone, in their cars, in their homes, at dinner with their families. You can see it in headlines across the nation, including this one just the other days from ABC News:

"It's just crazy': 12 Major Cities Hit All Time Homicide Records: 'It's worse than a war zone around here lately,' a police official said."

Kass calls it a genie that's been let out of the bottle by Democrats themselves, who have unleashed the crime wave by letting criminals out of prison, declining to prosecute thugs, and calling to defund the police.

The Democrats don't want to hear about rogue prosecutors, the lack of arrests and the lack of prosecutions, the violence that it breeds.  They don't want to hear about repeat violent offenders terrorizing good people. All of this makes them rather uncomfortable.

They'd much rather gaslight you, and tell you violent crime is in your imagination, or blame it all on COVID and hope you'll just forget that they were the ones who planted the seeds.

That's exactly what Psaki is doing.  Kass had her number even before she spewed her mockery.

What it shows is that for occasional tears and flapdoodle about crime coming from the White House, when there's no avoiding it, they are a cold, hard lot in private and couldn't care less about violent crime or Americans' concerns about it.  They see Americans' concerns about crime as "narrative" being spoon-fed to gullible Fox viewers instead of American viewers choosing which shows they'd like to watch, which shows recognize their realities, which happen to be Fox shows.  They even laugh about it.

Judge Jeanine now knows that the Bidenites are listening to her as they spew their mockery.  They just don't want Americans listening to her.  They think violent crime is something funny.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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