Truckers in the DC Convoy: Please don't come

This is to my friends in the trucking community.  Don't come to D.C. in your convoy.  Biden and the Democrats are salivating over the opportunity this will give them to turbocharge the "domestic terrorist" narrative they have been promoting following the fake, contrived January 6 "insurrection," which they very likely orchestrated; jail some of you; and further sabotage the economy.

I fully understand and agree with your valid concerns over their treatment of America and am with you in spirit.  Everything from the failed Afghanistan withdrawal and their disastrous open borders policy to shutting down American oil production, sabotaging our supply chain with insane regulations, right up to Biden's inept handling of the Ukrainian crisis, has been a deliberate effort to undermine and destroy America.  It is impossible to consider this mere incompetence.  They are doing it on purpose.

But you will be helping them.  And it will not end well.  El Comandante Trudeau (Castro Jr.?) has already set the table.  Arresting, jailing, and confiscating the property of truckers and anyone who helps them is a precedent already set by our kindly northern neighbors.

Furthermore, you can bet there will be agitators embedded in the convoy who will display Nazi flags, Confederate battle flags, and all the related paraphernalia, just as they did in Canada.  They could also foment violence, giving the Democrats an even bigger excuse to clamp down on you and once again characterize us all as "Nazis," "Fascists," domestic terrorists, etc.  What Biden and the Democrats are doing is already bad enough.  Don't give them the excuse to do more.  Losing your licenses, your trucks, and your jobs is not worth it!

In an interview Wednesday with Just the News, Bill O'Reilly had a much better suggestion: go to the border!  Biden just suggested sending CBP officers to Poland to help defend their border, while doing even more to fling the doors open to our borders!  This goes under the heading, You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

But let me reiterate: please don't come.  The mandates are already going away, so there is literally no point in coming that will serve our purpose.  Doing what you can to prevent drugs, terrorists, and illegal aliens (i.e., future Democrat voters) from entering America will do much more to help our cause of saving America from this malevolent administration and its designs, and likely spare you the significant problems they will create for you with no upside for you or anyone else.

James Simpson is an economist, businessman, and investigative journalist.  His Amazon best-selling book is Who Was Karl Marx? The Men, the Motives and the Menace behind Today's Rampaging American Left. Follow Jim on Twitter & Facebook.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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