AMLO tells Blinken to stop asking about journalists

Call it hypersensitivity, but President López-Obrador (AMLO) does not want the U.S. government asking questions about the fate of journalists in Mexico.  Let's review the story from Pulse News Mexico:

One day after U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed his concerns about the high incidence of murders of journalists in Mexico (with at least five reporters killed so far this year) and called on the Mexican government to provide "greater accountability" in the investigations of these cases, as well as better protection of reporters, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) snapped back on Wednesday, Feb. 23, calling the U.S. official "misinformed" and telling him to butt out on the matter.

Claiming that Blinken has been "duped" by his sources, which have led to him try to "interfere" in internal Mexican affairs, AMLO, speaking during his daily press conference at the National Place, said that although the murders of journalists in Mexico is "unfortunate," thorough investigations are underway in each case.

Duped by his sources?  The story here is the killings of Mexican journalists.  We are up to six already in 2022.  The latest is Michelle Perez Tadeo, a Mexican TV host and model.  According to news reports, her body was found wrapped in sheets several days after disappearing.

Who is targeting journalists?  We don't have a final answer, but most of my friends in Mexico believe that criminal elements are just out to intimidate journalists, period.

Thankfully, Mexican journalists continue to do their jobs, dangerous as they may be.  On this issue, Secretary Blinken is right in asking for some explanations.

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Image: GPA Photo Archive.

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