The Canadian truckers and the missing conservative politicians

For anyone who doesn't watch the mainstream media, what's happening in Canada has been one of the most exciting things in the two years since COVID left China and turned most of the world's Western politicians into tyrants.  Across Canada, outside the despotic confines of Justin Trudeau's brain and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, people are galvanized by the 45-mile-long truckers' convoy that drove into Ottawa in pursuit of liberty.  The Canadian opposition, however, although given a golden political opportunity, had nothing to say for a week, only stirring itself on Monday to a few weak pieties.  Jordan Peterson gave them a solid scolding for their dismal performance.

Unsurprisingly, Sundance, at The Conservative Treehouse, noticed that Canada's conservatives couldn't bestir themselves to capitalize on the truckers' inspiring stand.  He grouped their passivity with the silence of conservative leadership in Australia, Canada, and the U.K.  I would add that we can say the same about most congressional "conservatives" in America.

The way I see it, across the Western world, so-called conservatives come from the same class as the leftists.  They've all been to the same schools, and, even if the conservatives oppose socialism when push comes to shove, they all share the same disdain for the working people who make the world go.  Photo ops are one thing; letting the "little people" be around them unmasked and unjabbed is another thing entirely.  And of course, a lot of these politicians are cowards, whether moral or physical (or, as we see from "Brave" Sir Justin, the Runaway Prime Minister, both).

Image: Jordan Peterson.  YouTube screen grab.

But back to Canada's cowards...sorry, conservatives.  Here's Sundance:

As the working class Canadians rally behind their blue collar truck drivers, the invisibility of strong, opposing voices to the leftist government they are challenging is brutally obvious.

It is almost painful to watch this play out.

Where are the men of courage?  And, that question has nothing to do with gender.

I generally try to stay out of the issue of questioning representative government in other nations; however, when you see the people of Canada crying for freedom, trying desperately to take back their individual liberty, there comes a time when all the free people of the world have no more tongue to bite.

Sundance includes a video of Pierre Poilièvre, who is apparently a conservative, scolding Trudeau for having bad form.  I got bored quickly and have no idea if he ever got around to defending the truckers and their call for freedom.

One famous, articulate, brilliant Canadian also noticed the pathetic, near invisible response from conservatives as their countrymen, peacefully (no arrests at all in Ottawa) are going to the mat for the liberties they grew up with before COVID gave Trudeau the ability to turn theirs into a prison country.  That man is Jordan Peterson.  In a short video made while traveling, he tells Canada's ostensibly conservative political leaders that it's time for them to step up and seize the day:

I'm sorry to say this to Jordan Peterson, but I doubt they will.  The absolute best tweet to comment on Western leaders' active opposition to or frustrated silence with ordinary people's protests against COVID restrictions is from Kurt Schlichter.  And while Kurt tags the socialists, what he says applies to Canada's, and most of the West's, political class, across the spectrum:

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