In Canada, ‘brave’ Sir Justin runs away

For the past several days, the world’s longest convoy, made up of truckers, has been slowly traveling across Canada from Vancouver east to Ottawa, the country’s capital city. They are protesting a new Canadian policy that mandates that truckers must be vaccinated to cross into Canada, even if they are Canadian citizens. In response to this peaceful protest, Justin Trudeau has run away and hidden, while in Nova Scotia, the political class has already lined up the penalities for any convey that dares breach its sacred borders.

I’ve written here and here about the convoy, so I won’t rehash the details. Briefly, roughly 16,000 Canadian truckers—people who sit alone in their cabs hauling the huge loads of goods that make up modern life—will be put out of work unless they get vaccinated. Worse, they’re required to have electronic vaccine passports that are quite obviously the beginning of a social credit system that, as in China, will isolate people from access to jobs, homes, goods, and services if they don’t comply.

Hundreds of truckers, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, have formed a 70-km-long convoy that has been wending its way across Canada. Everywhere the convoy has gone, despite the freezing weather, the drivers have been greeted by cheering people, numbering in the hundreds and thousands depending on the size of the town or city through which they pass. The truckers’ entirely peaceful journey has been inspiring people, not just in Canada, but across the once free world.

One person who is not impressed is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a nascent tyrant and moral midget. He’s mindlessly accused unvaccinated people of being “misogynistic and racist” because those are the worst insults he can think of. In the same way, my son, when he was not quite three and deeply resented a walk to a lake, swore as only a toddler can: “I don’t want to go to dirty, stinky, poo-poo luck.” His words made as much sense as Trudeau’s insult, although Trudeau lacks the excuse of extreme immaturity.

Despite the massive outpouring of support for the convoy, Trudeau also called the truckers, who have support from millions of Canadians, a “fringe minority” that holds “unacceptable views.” And ignoring entirely the good cheer and peacefulness that has characterized the truckers, Trudeau preemptively accused them of being violent.

Image: Justin Trudeau (edited in befunky). YouTube screen grab.

Trudeau has been so frightened by his own rhetoric that he announced that he’d been in contact with COVID and therefore had to quarantine at home. Raise your hand if you believe him.

Now that the truckers have entered Ottawa, though, Trudeau has abandoned the pretense of quarantine. Instead, he’s simply run away:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family were reportedly moved to an undisclosed location as thousands of people protesting COVID-19 rules gathered at Parliament Hill.

Sources told CBC that the family was moved from their home to an undisclosed location in Canada's capital of Ottawa amid security concerns.

In 1381, peasants protesting the onerous poll tax imposed against them moved on London. They were a powerful mob once they arrived and, among other things, they beheaded Simon Sudbury, the innocuous Archbishop of Canterbury, and Robert Hales, the Lord High Treasurer. Nevertheless, King Richard II, although only 14 years old, bravely went to meet the peasants.

The meeting turned violent and the king’s guards killed the rebel leader but the boy king remained calm, defused the situation, and promised mercy to the rebels. Richard promptly broke that promise because he was a rotten human being, but the point is that he showed true physical courage and grace under pressure.

By contrast, Canada’s boy despot has, as I said, run away. And all I could think of was that Monty Python got there first—Brave Sir Justin ran away!

Meanwhile, in Nova Scotia, the political class is making sure that no protest comes anywhere near it:

Using their pre-existing state of emergency, the “Province today, January 28, issued a directive under the Emergency Management Act prohibiting protesters from blockading Highway 104 near the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border.”’

According to the provincial government, “fines for a summary conviction under the new directive will range from $3,000 to $10,000 for individuals and between $20,000 and $100,000 for a corporation.” Additionally, “outdoor gatherings of more than 20 people are prohibited under a Health Protection Act order.”

The brave people in Canada fighting for their freedom from useless, tyrannical dictates deserve better than the leaders they've got.

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