The elites' morally obscene response to the Canadian trucker convoy

Something big is happening in Canada, and it's happening in a typically Canadian way.  After two years of draconian lockdowns and mandates, truckers are pushing back with a 45-mile-long convoy that pulled into Ottawa yesterday.  It's exciting and inspiring.  It's also drawing the elites out from cover, as they abandon any pretense of supporting the people they applauded so vigorously almost two years ago when they hid in their offices while "the little people" kept the world working.

The Canadians have been renowned for being an obedient, peaceable people.  But perhaps we've forgotten that there's a warrior strain in them.  During WWI and WWII, some of the British Empire's most ferocious fighters came from Canada.  That blend of warrior and peaceful soul seems to have come together with the massive Freedom Convoy that Canadian (and some American) truckers have driven from Vancouver to Ottawa, Canada's capital.

I wrote about the convoy on Friday, along with lots of videos.  It's incredibly inspiring to see these cheerful truckers driving along Canada's frozen lands, cheered on by hundreds and thousands of people wherever they go.  Tucker interviewed another trucker on Friday night, and it's moving to see his good spirits and optimism as he and his fellow truckers push back against the effort to make them bow down to the technocracy for which COVID has provided a glide path.

These truckers stand for all the people in the West who have done everything their political leaders forced upon them.  While the power class (politicians, media, the professoriate, billionaires, etc.) sheltered at home, these people — whether truckers, store clerks, sanitation people, bus drivers, police, or dozens of other jobs that needed to be done — bravely went out despite the fear of an unknown disease.  Back then, the leaders were grateful.  Indeed, Justin Trudeau couldn't say enough for truckers:

Now, though, the truckers are getting in the way of the grand plans that the politicians, media types, professors, and billionaires have hatched.  The Great Reset, about which leftists, including Trudeau, have been open, requires that every person be tracked and controlled via technology.  COVID and vaccine madness provided the perfect way to do that, with many people — mostly from the same class as those pushing the Reset — voluntarily handing over their freedoms.

Image: Trudeau v. the truckers from Reality Bites by Broc Smith.

But in America and around the world, the regular people don't want to become slaves to the state.  They don't want to be forced to take experimental medicines, to see their children masked and isolated, to watch the greenies destroy their livelihoods, their access to food, their ability to travel, their AC in the summer and heat in the winter, and everything else that the ruling class has planned and is enforcing through a toxic amalgam of government and the private sector.

By the way, do you know what you call that amalgam?  It's called fascism.  Communism and fascism are socialism's children.  Communism sees the state taking over the means of production and ending private property.  Fascism preserves private property but makes the state and private enterprise partners against ordinary citizens.

Until Hitler added genocide and the quest for world domination to his fascism, progressives in America admired him greatly.  Progressives still admire fascism as a political principle.  So when the ordinary people refuse to yield to the enormous pressure from the government and its giant corporate partners, they're frightened and lash out...and they pervert language and lie.

So it is that Trudeau, the smallest excuse for a human being ever to helm Canada, and his propaganda engine (i.e., the "news") pre-emptively accuse the truckers of being violent extremists.  Trudeau, by the way, is hiding, using the risible excuse of a timely COVID exposure.

Meanwhile, the allegedly "small minority" of people who support the truckers has raised 7.6 million Canadian dollars (almost 6 million U.S. dollars).

Here in the U.S., Michael de Adder, a cartoonist for the WaPo, accused the truckers of being fascists:

Unlike American Thinker's knowledgeable and intelligent cartoonists, de Adder is an idiot.  The truckers represent neither the state nor large corporations.  They are the antithesis of fascism, for they are individuals demanding that the fascists leave them alone.

Cheer on the truckers; remember that the Gdansk shipyard workers started the chain of events that led to the Soviet Union's collapse; and think of uplifting, peaceful ways for Americans to do something as wonderful as those Canadian truckers are doing. 

Canadian Mark Steyn calls the truckers' protest "the most inspiring story around the world at the moment."

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