Even Alaska has been infected with the myth of transgenderism

"Gender identity" is an imaginary construct.  Biological sex is biological sex, and gender is a term for languages that have different grammar for masculine, feminine, and neuter words.  A few people are genetically intersex, and a sadly growing number of people are brainwashed.  It's gotten so bad that even Fairbanks, Alaska has embraced the transgender myth.  Parents hosting a party at a public pool discovered a male high school student hanging out with little girls in the women's locker room — and the pool management refused to remove him.

The story is not complicated: Johanna Ray invited children to Hamme Pool during open swim time for a kids' birthday party.  While Ray's daughter, her friends, and their mothers were undressing, a male teenager walked into the women's locker room.

The swimming pool supervisor refused to act to remove the teenager from the women's locker room.  Instead, the supervisor suggested that the women and girls relocate to a small lobby bathroom that lacked even a shower.

When Ray, instead, asked the young man to use the gender-neutral bathroom, the young man said, "I'm not bothering you.  Go to hell, lady," flipped her off, and walked out.  Ray said later that the teenager is a high school student who routinely uses the girls' bathroom.

Ray explained to Joel Davidson, who wrote up the story about this interaction, "I have no wish to single anyone out for being different, or to bring emotional trauma to anyone" and emphasized that "she has nothing against the transgender person."  However, she explained that her daughters were quite "traumatized and confused," because they come from a home that stresses modesty.

Ray is too forgiving of the young man, for reasons I'll explain below.  However, she does understand the crux of the matter:

"This is wrong," she said. "This is not a family-friendly environment, and not how I want my tax dollars to be spent. In any other situation this would be a sexual offense."

Ray's contemplating suing because what happened violates both Alaska law and the swimming pool's posted rules.  Alaska State Statute 11.61.123 makes it a crime for someone to view another person's naked body when that person (or a guardian) reasonably believes that his body is private.  In addition, the pool requires all children above 5 to go to a sex-appropriate bathroom.

The management in charge of the pool, which is public, sees things differently.  Lanien Livingston, an information officer, stated, "Our policy is not to discriminate against the use of borough facilities based on gender identity."

Once again: There is no such thing as "gender identity."  There is biological sex, and there are confused, sick, or opportunistic people.  At most, a male teenager who claims to be a woman is lying to everyone, possibly including himself.  He has no idea what it means to be a woman because he's male.  All he knows is that, when he sees women, he is envious of their physical attributes and wishes they were his.  That does not make him a woman.

The last few paragraphs in Davidson's thorough report make it clear that the swimming pool is not the only place in which Fairbanks's government has bought in to gender madness.  Fairbanks doesn't "discriminate" against "gender identity" when it comes to employees.  The Fairbanks Borough School District does not discriminate, allowing students to use facilities for their appropriate "identity," and, in 2019, the City of Fairbanks approved by a 2-1 ratio a law forcing every business, every non-profit, and other facilities to accommodate all things transgender despite deeply held personal beliefs.  The mayor showed good sense in vetoing the law, saying it was a matter for voters, not politicians.

I'd always assumed that Alaska is a ruggedly individualistic state, resistant to leftist madness.  Of course, Alaska keeps sending Lisa Murkowski to the Senate, which says a lot.  Moreover, a quick check showed that Fairbanks voted overwhelmingly for Biden — so they get men staring at naked girls in public locker rooms.  Additionally, the whole western half of the state is Democrat.

Bottom line: If giving a girl testosterone makes her manly, wouldn't giving an effeminate, confused boy testosterone also make him manly?  The same is true for estrogen: it would make a confused girl more womanly.  Instead, we pretend these delusions are real, encouraging mutilating surgery and dangerous hormones, and turning society upside-down to accommodate this mess.  How many people will need to be mutilated, poisoned, or (inevitably) assaulted before we say no?

Here's a start for returning to normal: we should never refer to people as "transgender."  That phrase alone reveals the lie.  If you can be born a man but you're really and truly a woman, you're not "transgender"; you're just a woman.  Tacking on "transgender" reveals the con. 

Image: This man is not a woman.  Photo from freepik.

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