The 1619 Project's Nikole Hannah-Jones beclowns herself again

They say that to a hammer, everything is a nail.  By analogy, to a race-hustler like Nikole Hannah-Jones, everything is about race.  She proved that yet again when she claimed media coverage of events in Ukraine reflects pro-White racial bias.  The fact that Russia is a nuclear nation with an unstable leader, which unfortunately makes the fight of preeminent importance to the world, eluded her, as did other important aspects of geography, history, and politics.

I'm sure I don't need to introduce any of you to Hannah-Jones's masterpiece, the ahistorical, dishonest 1619 Project, which, unfortunately, is being introduced into school curricula across America.  If you'd like to see a comprehensive attack on the project's myriad errors, I recommend Wolf Howling's analysis.  The bottom line is that Hannah-Jones's raison d'être is to put a racial spin on everything to support her contention that America is an inherently and incurably racist nation.

Hannah-Jones's latest "cry racism" moment addresses the fact that the world's media are so concerned about events in Ukraine.  She's offended that they don't show the same concern about Africa or other places in which non-White people attack each other:

Hannah-Jones emphasizes her point with links to a few stories expressing shock that's specifically centered on the "Europeanness" of the war:

Of course, she misses the significance of the fact that the reporters who are shocked about a war on European soil are...European and British.

The panicked focus on Ukraine has less to do with race and much more to do with arms, geography, history, and politics.

Image: Nikole Hannah-Jones by Associação Brasileira de Jornalismo Investigativo.  CC BY 2.0.

Arms: Wars in Africa do not involve nuclear powers.  They are, therefore, inevitably going to be viewed as less consequential regional skirmishes.  Should Putin really drop a nuclear bomb, we've entered World War III/End of the World territory.  That's not a racial matter; that's a reality matter.  (I'm assuming that neither Putin nor his generals are so far gone as to do that, but Putin put his nuclear deterrent forces on standby, so it must be considered.)

Geography: The Western media will inevitably be more concerned with matters in the West.  This isn't about racism; it's about tribalism.  Russia sits on the farthest Eastern fringe of those nations that identify as European and that are part of organizations such as the European Union and NATO.  Putin has already attacked Ukraine, and he's threatened to attack Finland and Sweden.  Media figures in England and elsewhere in Europe are going to view that as a direct threat to themselves, unlike something happening in Liberia or the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

History: World War II ended only 73 years ago.  That war began when a megalomaniacal dictator in Europe conducted a blitzkrieg against neighboring countries in the name of "Lebensraum" (room for his nation to live).  By war's end, an estimated 70–85 million people had died.  Moreover, this war began a mere 21 years after World War I had ended, leaving around 40 million dead people on the European continent.  Additionally, that war was a perfect vector for the Spanish Influenza, which killed another 50–75 million people around the world.

Given those histories, you can see why people in Europe, Britain, and America (which got dragged into both those wars) would be nervous when they see another megalomaniacal dictator conduct a blitzkrieg against neighboring countries in the name of security or Lebensraum.  This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with our lizard brain sense of when to panic.

And here's some more history: Hannah-Jones, who was born in 1976, has no excuse for not remembering the international response to the horrific Rwanda massacre in 1994.  It happened so quickly that there was little to be done to stop it, but the world cared deeply.  However, she might be excused for not remembering the world's huge response to the devastating famine in Ethiopia [in 1983-1984], for she was only 7 or 8 years old then.

Hannah-Jones also seems to have forgotten fevered media coverage about ISIS's depredations across swaths of the Middle East or Bashar al-Assad's war against his own people in Syria.

Politics: The NATO treaty obligates the member nations to respond if Russia is threatening one of them.  When Putin was outside Ukraine, the treaty wasn't triggered.  Once he crossed into Ukraine, putting himself on the border of Poland and Hungary, and threatened Finland and Sweden, the treaty was triggered.  A mutual defense pact means that all those NATO nations (including the U.S.) may be obligated to go to war.  That's newsworthy.

Nikole Hannah-Jones is a hammer, who can only pound away mindlessly on a single subject: racism.  Every time she opens her mouth or types on her keyboard, we are reminded that she does not deserve the respect and reach that leftists have given her. 

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