Slow Joe digs in against opening up US energy production to checkmate Russia

It's the easiest thing in the world: cut off Russia's oil earnings and watch its war against Ukraine collapse.

A U.S. oil embargo on Russia would destroy its cash stream which is financing 30% of its government, including its attack on Ukraine.

In a war, at least one you want to win, you cut off supply lines.  Grant and Sherman understood this.  But General Biden is a little different.  He wants to keep Putin getting that money until Bad America reforms to a green energy system to his liking.  He has a live war in front of him; he has the solution on the table; and instead of taking that solution, he sticks to his green energy "priority."

Here's how bad it's gotten:

Transferring the entire economy to unreliable green energy, number one, is never going to happen.  Scott Johnson at Power Line explained that clearly in 2020: it won't happen because there aren't enough rare earth minerals out there to create all the batteries and greenie retrofits, even if China would gladly sell to us, to get the job done.   

The Bidenites, though, are sticking to their pie-in-the-sky green energy dream even if it means continuing to bankroll Putin's war.  Psaki even called the whole idea of opening up America's domestic energy production to make our country energy-independent a "misdiagnosis."

Other Democrats yakked about opening the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which Joe has done before.  How'd that work out for him?

No, the fact is, just talk about restoring America's energy independence, first achieved by President Trump, from some clown like Joe Biden ought to be enough to shift market sentiment out of Putin's column and drain his bank book.  Markets are anticipatory, and this kind of talk would cause a fall in global energy prices.  Instant loss for Putin.

We know that this is how it happens because we can see how swiftly the SWIFT restrictions took hold: Russia's ruble has taken an instant hit, dropping 45% Monday, and the public signaled no confidence in the currency or the banking system.  Lines snaked around banks across Russia with small depositors desperate to convert their savings into dollars or take the money out and put it under the bed.  These bank runs and currency falls are worse than the ones seen in 1995 and 1998.  The Bank of Russia announced there'd be no stock trading today in the country.  Inflation is clocking in at just under 70%.  "All hell breaks loose as global markets open," according to the ZeroHedge headline.

A double-whammy could seal the deal were the U.S. to cut off oil purchases from Russia, which Joe Biden has failed to do.  No boots on the ground, war won.  The U.S. did the same to take out the Soviet Union in 1991.  Peter Schweizer's earliest book, Victory, described how the great Ronald Reagan destroyed the Soviets by hitting them at their vulnerable point: their dependence on getting cash from the West from oil exports.

Those oil exports finance Russia's war effort, yet the cash is coming from America.  Russian oil now constitutes 17% of our oil imports, some 600,000 barrels a day.  The logical thing to do is to quit buying it and replace that oil with domestic energy production.  Re-opening the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada would boost America's energy independence even further, throwing in 800,000 barrels into our supply all by itself.

But inexplicably, the Bidenites are digging in, demanding that Putin get his cash and Americans pay higher prices at the pump.

It's one piece of idiocy after another from these clowns, who have been presented with an amazing gift for ending the Russian attack on Ukraine right in front of them and have turned up their noses against it, blithely banking on the idea that Ukraine can just keep fighting and Americans can just keep paying.  Conservative Treehouse's Sundance believes it's likely a bid to never let a crisis go to waste — in this case, to use Ukraine to force higher energy prices on the States so green energy can be viable.

Biden has volunteered Americans to make sacrifices on the energy front, demanding that Americans pay sky-high prices for energy as our contribution to the Ukraine war effort.

What we see in this stubborn farce is that ultimately, Biden isn't really with us, or with Ukraine as the world rallies to the embattled European state.  Biden wants Ukraine, Germany, the rest of Europe, and America to make sacrifices, but he doesn't think he needs to make any sacrifices — of his green energy agenda.  Sacrifices from thee, see, but none from me.

Somewhere, Vladimir Putin, who has been caught secretly bankrolling green energy schemes in the past to weaken the West, is smiling.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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