Biden's preposterous family claim

President Biden made a short hop to Culpeper, Virginia on Thursday, February 10, to deliver a speech at Germanna Community College about lowering health costs, and especially "prestription" drug costs that rise "expodentially."

Biden concluded his speech with a preposterous tall tale of his maternal grandfather, Ambrose Finnegan.

35:43 – ...Every time I'd walk out of my grandpop's house up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, his name was Ambrose Finnegan HE WAS AN ALL-AMERICAN FOOTBALL PLAYER in at uh Santa Clara, when he was a, kid...


Ambrose Finnegan was born in 1884 and naturally would have become of university age shortly after the dawn of the 20th century.  He lived in eastern Pennsylvania his entire life.  He did not attend university, and he certainly didn't attend Santa Clara, which at the time was literally days away by railroad, being located outside San Francisco.

Furthermore, Wikipedia makes no such listing of Ambrose Finnegan as a college all-American player.  In fact, when one examines the lists of all-American players in the first decade of the 20th century (for example, this one from 1904 from Wikipedia, when Finnegan was 20 years old), one finds only All-Americans from Ivy League schools, or the U.S. Military Academy, or schools in the Upper Midwest that we now would more or less call "The Big Ten."  The list of All-Americans is notable for excluding defensive players and players from entire regions of the country; there were no All-American players from anywhere in the American South or West at that time.

Furthermore, here is a link to the Official Santa Clara University Broncos History page.

This page lists every single All-American who ever played for Santa Clara.  Note that Santa Clara produced no All-Americans until 1963!

Sigh.  Why does Biden tell such whoppers that are so easily fact-checkable?  In the wide, wide world of sports, this is what is called an "unforced error" — that is to say, a stupid error that a player was not forced to make — for example, a basketball player not being guarded while walking up the court dribbling the ball, and he bounces it off his foot. 

People invent lies to impress other people.  But at this point in his life and career, whom is Biden trying to impress?

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