Biden's heinous, dishonest speech attacking the Second Amendment

Currently, the single most important thing separating America from most of the world's other so-called free countries is our Second Amendment.  Most countries pay lip service to the rights of free speech or free assembly; none acknowledges an inherent, Creator-given right to bear arms.  Joe Biden would like us to be more like them.  And as part of that effort, he appeared in New York on Thursday and gave something resembling a speech (he stumbled through words in a binder, interrupting his text with bizarre statements) that was a rare mixture of nonsense and lies about the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment is the single most important part of the Constitution because without it, none of the other rights matters.  As we've seen across the world, in country after country with a charter or constitution that ostensibly gives the citizens the right to bodily integrity, free speech, assembly, etc., those countries have no compunction about ignoring such rights.  (I'm looking at you, Australia, Canada, Austria, Italy, etc., etc.)  The governments know that their citizens have no recourse whatsoever.  They are helpless.

Please understand that I am most emphatically not advocating an armed rebellion.  What I am pointing out is that there is always in the back of our government's collective mind the tiny frisson of fear that, with a lawfully armed populace, if the government goes too far, bad things might happen.  It's that fear that restrains the government from going too far.

The Second Amendment also encourages independence from the government. People who can protect themselves against enemies foreign and domestic, ward off criminals, and hunt for food are freer people than those who must look to the government to protect them in all matters.

Joe Biden and his handlers hate these facts. They hate that they can push the American people only so far, and they hate that, outside Democrat cities that have so much gun control that only criminals have guns, the American people can live somewhat independently of the grotesquely large American government.

On Thursday, Joe Biden went to New York and argued aggressively to limit the Second Amendment.  Well, he didn't really argue.  He lied through his teeth, making up all sorts of fantastical things and regurgitating old lies that even leftist outlets had rebutted.  Here are some excerpts — and as you watch and listen to Biden, please take note of the fact that he's not even pretending to do anything other than reading his speech, except when he erupts with nonsense from his own addled mind:

First, a Glock is a semi-automatic, not a full automatic.  Every shot requires pulling the trigger.  Second, whether I have some huge circular magazine or several prepped seven- or ten-round magazines really doesn't matter.

What’s outrageous is how dishonest this is.  What leftists have been unable to do is sue gun manufacturers for a product that a customer misuses — just as you cannot sue a car manufacturer if the purchaser drives drunk and causes an accident.  However, gun manufacturers can be sued for a defective product, the same as any other manufacturer.  The only absolute liability exemption I know of is that given to vaccine manufacturers...

First, there's no such thing as an "assault weapon." Just sayin'. Second, Biden keeps telling this lie even though even the Washington Post rebutted it less than eight months ago:

"Everything in that statement is wrong," said David Kopel, the research director and Second Amendment project director at the Independence Institute. After 1791, "there were no federal laws about the type of gun you could own, and no states limited the kind of gun you could own."

A little history: The first shots in the Revolutionary War were fired because the British were heading to Boston to seize weapons.  Until this moment, the colonists believed that the 1689 English Bill of Rights gave them the right to "have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law."  After the Revolution, the Founders decided to make it perfectly clear that keeping and bearing arms is not a government-granted privilege, but an inherent right.  After all, it was the colonists' arms that won the Revolution.

But Biden doesn't care about history, and he doesn't care about facts.  He's a classic demagogue who says whatever he needs to say to enhance his power.  And in New York, a city in which violent crime keeps increasing, there are enough leftists who will listen and agree to this claptrap without regard for the fact that, as John Lott has shown, more guns in law-abiding hands mean less crime.

Image: Joe Biden lying about guns and gun rights (edited in befunky).  Twitter screen grab.

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