Brave Biden kills terrorist, women and children hardest hit

Joe Biden may be an accomplished grifter, habitual liar, and at least three cans shy of a six-pack mentally, but what a brave commander-in-chief he is!

Take last August, when, thanks to White House incompetence, thirteen U.S. servicemen and scores of Afghans were blown to bits outside Kabul airport.  The Brandon administration angrily vowed to punish those responsible.  And not a month later, Sleepy Joe droned an ISIS-K terrorist, then crowed to the world about justice served and America's amazing over-the-horizon military capability.

Noted "white rage" expert General Mark Milley called the retaliatory strike "correct" and "righteous."  A bristling Biden further warned ISIS-K, "We're not done with you!"  No joke, folks.

Well, President Biden may not have been joking, but the ISIS-K baddies were surely laughing their butts off.  For they knew immediately what the Brandon administration and its fake-news minions tried unsuccessfully to cover up.

Our senile commander-in-chief and his bumbling, woke general had in fact killed an innocent Afghan aid worker and his family, including seven children.

"Wagging the dog," ordering a military operation to distract from lousy poll numbers, is the oldest presidential game in the book.  Yet Biden, who's been in Washington for half a century, and the thoroughly anti-racist Milley managed to blow it.  Big time.

Old Joe's poll numbers remained in the crapper.

More recently, as inflation and COVID case numbers have soared along with the president's disapproval numbers, whoever pulls our puppet president's strings apparently decided to wag the dog once more.

And so, we are now treated to the wonderful and brave news that our president has taken out a terrorist mastermind, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi.  Twelve others were also killed in the raid, including three women and six children.

Forget whether or not a vowel-rich terrorist was actually offed; this latest military misstep brings the number of defenseless children killed by Biden's dog-wagging to thirteen.

Based on the many documented instances of Joe Biden kissing, fondling, and sniffing small kids, I honestly thought he liked them!  Seems he doesn't, or else he's OK with killing a bunch of them if it serves him, or his puppet masters, politically.

Folks, Joe Biden is failing, so fast and in so many ways, that he's unlikely to finish out his term, much less win another.

So please, should they contact you, simply lie to the pollsters.

Tell them Joe Biden's great, and you just love what he's done to the country.  Tell 'em you enjoy serial vaccinations, wearing useless paper masks, and showing papers to successfully enter McDonald's.  Stress that, like General Milley, you're down with CRT, BLM, LGBT, and any other left-wing acronyms currently in vogue.  Explain to the pollsters how inflation is actually good for us and besides, it's not the president's fault.

We've simply got to stop the president's ongoing decline in the polls before Sleepy Joe's forced to kill again.

Do it for the kids.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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