An Obama photograph proves the lies of 'climate change' and COVID

The left is built upon a mountain of falsehoods.  Two of the biggest are that humankind is trembling on the brink of destruction because of "climate change" and that onerous COVID restrictions are the only things keeping us alive.  So what are we to make of an unmasked Obama standing around construction workers, very grumpy about work on his multimillion-dollar beachfront Hawaiian mansion?  What I make of it is that both "climate change" and COVID restrictions are huge parts of that mountain of lies.

Here's the picture that is a microcosm of all the lies:

The Cult of Climate Change tells us that, unless we abandon all fossil fuels, the oceans will rise and every coastal community will be destroyed.  When Obama bought his coastal Martha's Vineyard house, it was pretty clear that he didn't believe a word of this narrative.  This was peculiar, considering the vast amounts of taxpayer money he funneled to green energy initiatives as part of the 2009 "stimulus" spending following the recession.

Heck, going back farther, that first beachfront purchase was even more peculiar when you consider the speech Obama gave when accepting the Democrat party nomination in 2008:

This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.

While the rise of the oceans may not have slowed for those of us suffering through the horrors of the green movement (vastly increased energy prices, inconvenient and expensive electric cars, low-flow showers, and more), they certainly seem to have slowed for Obama.  Indeed, they've slowed so much that he's confident buying beachfront property on an island.  I don't know about you, but I would think islands would be even more affected by "climate change" than a whole big continent.

Then there's the COVID mask narrative.  Across America, parents are waging heroic battles to get masks off their children's faces.  One of the major weapons in that battle is pictures of celebrities flouting those same mask rules.  (Local politicians, teachers, and school board members tend to do the same.)

Image: Obama the maskless.  Twitter screen grab.

With the Obama picture, we have the perfect example of how the rich, famous, and political flout the rules.  It's not just that they don't wear masks.  It's that they expect the little people around them to wear masks.  The reason for this double-standard is obvious: these self-styled "elite" aren’t afraid of the virus; they're disgusted by you.  Just think back to the Met Gala, when all the famous people waltzed around unmasked while the help scurried by wearing masks.

Or how about this picture of Stacey Abrams protected from all those nasty, ordinary, germy little children, who, unlike overweight adults, are at almost no risk from COVID?

Not The Bee has a collection of a few other "masks are for the little people" moments.

Obama knows that the oceans won't rise in any significant way over the next decades or even centuries, just as he knows he's not at serious risk of dying from COVID.  (I imagine that, should he catch it, he'll have special flights sent his way filled with monoclonal antibodies or ivermectin.)  Obama, though, knows something more important than the truth: he knows that he and his party will keep complete control over America if Americans remain terrified of the all-purpose "climate change" narrative and of COVID.

In other words, America, you're being played. 

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