America’s cognitive dissonance continues to deepen

Our schizophrenic national divide is reaching a point at which the fabric of society is being shredded. The willful adherence to false “facts,” by both media and government actors is impossible to miss. Yet those in power plow forward with evil intention, knowing that the bulk of society will pay no attention; they’re asleep, they don’t care, and the label “misinformation” is enough to quell curiosity.

Compare George Floyd to any victim of black-on-black crime, for an easy example. Floyd was an addict, a bad actor with a criminal record and evil intentions, and had overdosed. The media turned him into a hero, and then everyone stood by, eyes averted, as his death was manipulated to cause riots. Yet the same media never report on continual violence in all our cities where, often, innocent children are the unwitting victims. Such violence is not “useful” in forwarding an agenda.

People must willfully ignore being manipulated. Those of us who notice are shouting into the wind but nobody hears us. The frustration level can become intolerable.

It’s the same with every aspect of society. With COVID, we’ve done just about everything wrong, leaving people both invested and terrified. How could they not live in fear, if they’ve become aware of the ill effects of their vaccine shots? They must close their eyes and ears.

If I were vaccinated, I would be scared every time I exercised, after watching athletes falling over on the field. I would be scared, if I were of childbearing age, and knew someone who had an unexplained stillbirth. I am afraid for everyone I know who took the jab. Will they live long and prosper? We don’t know. The large upswing in unexplained deaths is alarming. Certainly, the CDC and Pfizer coming out with a warning on blood clots is alarming—but of course, they never mention the source of those clots.

It’s hard not to compare our media censorship to the plight of citizens in countries we used to pity, like the Chinese and North Koreans. The free exchange of ideas is crucial for our country to thrive, our culture to advance.

But the “establishment” says the earth is flat, so it’s flat right now. There is no room for discourse. They can say we have a warming planet, but not present meaningful proof. Those most adamantly pushing such tripe live large, flitting about in fuel-guzzling private jets, buying up beachfront property, building mansions, demonstrating that they don’t believe a word that comes out of their own mouths. It’s all just for show.

Our government is a joke. We have a non-functional executive branch run by a jaded bureaucracy, angling for a Russian war to distract us from their failures. We have blatant liars in Congress, on both sides of the aisle, in it for power and money and certainly not to serve their constituents. We have willfully ignorant Supreme Court justices who refuse to properly do their jobs or even research facts. They just hold a finger up to determine the political wind. We have a Justice Department that keeps political prisoners in deplorable conditions, and we are so non-functional as a government that we can’t even find a way to end that travesty.

Image: Teacher (edited) by freepik.

We have lost freedom, lost our ability to make a living in many cases, and lost our money to rampant inflation that has been caused by bad policy. Oil and commodity prices are going to keep rising. Will wages follow?

We watch as the government of Canada, once a freedom-loving neighbor, turns on its own. We watch Trudeau form a police state, taking over without effective government opposition. In the name of saving people from a virus that kills almost nobody who is healthy, we now have a great swath of humanity deprived of the right to make a living and, soon, deprived of their assets, their property, even their children and pets. Could that happen here?

January 6th is proof it could. Hyped as a major crisis, we who watched know the participants’ intent. It was mostly a peaceful demonstration of our citizens’ right to be heard. They were manipulated, ushered in, and even riled up by planted provocateurs trying to make violence happen. Our concerned citizens walked into the People’s house, through opened doors, and wandered around. Hardly more alarming than a bunch of tourists taking in the sights. Until Ashli Babbitt was murdered and some planted provocateurs started riling up people to get the desired result.

We who watch, who try to keep sane by writing about what we see in hope that more people will notice, we who try to live our lives and love our families, are being torn to pieces by how divided we are from one another, friends from friends, family from family. History will look back and see clearly. Yet what we need is clarity right now.

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