A game-changing proposal for the Big Guy

It has been a bad first year for Biden.  Biden and his allies claim that, in his victory, he received more votes in the 2020 presidential election than any candidate has ever received.  Many question that claim, but Biden and his allies in corporate media and Silicon Valley have censored all challenges to the validity of that election.  With Biden's alleged "electoral mandate," we might expect a new era of peace and prosperity under Biden's leadership.

Instead, Biden has faced a rapid decline in his popularity over the first 13 months of his administration.  On January 27, 2021, 55.5% of Americans approved of his presidency, while 36% of those polled disapproved.  With a string of debacles, most noteworthy his botched exit of American troops from Afghanistan, Biden now polls at 41.7% of Americans approving of his presidency, while 52.8% disapprove of his administration.

Secret service agents report that buzzards are circling over the White House.  We are eight months from the next congressional election.

All Biden's horses and all Biden's men are trying to get old man Biden back in the saddle again.  One of their unexpected moves was to suggest that the inflation we now complain about is a figment of our imaginations.  Our bank accounts disputed that one.

Image: Biden and Xi Jinping.  YouTube screen grab.

Then during National Kill a Notorious Terrorist Week, Biden sent in the SEALs to wipe out an Osama bin Laden wannabe.  The wannabe and his family are dead, but that move did not move the needle.

Another creative strategy involved dealing with parents protesting at school board meetings.  Biden's attorney general threatened to sic the FBI on American parents daring to question educrats.  That effort backfired badly.

It is tough to compete with all these brilliant initiatives, but I think I have one.  Hoist it up the flagpole and see if it flies, suggested one of my old bosses years ago.

I urge Biden to give full diplomatic recognition to Taiwan followed by a state visit to that outpost of democracy near the communists in China.

"Are you out of your mind?" you might ask.

Please, hear me out.  Biden has recently fretted about the decline of democracies.  Standing up for democracy in Taiwan would encourage democracies and discourage communists from expansionist dreaming.

Biden and his family have been accused of taking millions from the CCP, and this bold move would suggest to the world that no one owns Joe Biden.  America needs something to cheer about Joe.  Go bold and go big, Joe Biden!

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