Black Americans are rapidly abandoning Biden

A new study from Pew Research Center shows that about a year into his presidency, Joe Biden's overall job approval rating among all Americans has sharply fallen.

Around two thirds of Black Protestants (65%), who are regarded among as key Democrat constituents, approve of the job that Biden is doing, a drastic decline from 92% in March 2021.

Politicians often blame poor poll numbers on biased pollsters, so let's look at other surveys.

Navigator Research, a Democrat-oriented group, discovered that Biden's favorability among Blacks fell from 86 to 76 percent.

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies poll found that 65 percent of Blacks rated the economy as just fair or poor, while 61 percent said their personal economic situations were also just fair or poor.  About 50 percent of Blacks surveyed said they think things in the U.S. have gone seriously off track. 

According to a poll by HIT Strategies, just 48 percent of Blacks in November 2021 thought Biden was addressing their needs, compared to 66 percent of respondents in June.

A recent NBC News poll showed that approval ratings of Biden among Blacks slid from 81 percent to 64 percent. 

A recently conducted Quinnipiac poll showed that Biden's approval among African-Americans has fallen to 57 percent, down from 78 percent a year ago.

The verdict seems unanimous: Blacks are abandoning Biden.

What would explain this act of desertion?

The faltering economy; inflation, which is the worst in 40 years; the price of gasoline; and the supply chain crisis are the primary reasons.

The price of essential food items such as meat, fish, poultry, and eggs is up by 12.2%, while the price of bread and cereals is up by 6.8%.  The price of gasoline is high all over the country and is an average of $4.75 in California.

A recent CBS poll showed that most Blacks disapprove of Biden's handling of inflation and think he isn't focused on resolving the crisis. 

Their concerns are valid because the Biden administration appears to be clueless.

Last December, Biden had predicted that the 6.8% inflation through November was the "peak" of this crisis and matters would improve, but now matters are much worse.  Inflation is 7.5%, and the war in Ukraine is likely to make matters worse.

The faltering economy has hurt Blacks in other ways.  A recent study by the National Association of Realtors showed that Blacks were lagging behind during the pandemic homeownership boom.

The New York Times reported that Black farmers across the U.S. have yet to see any of Biden's promised $4 billion in debt forgiveness as part of the pandemic stimulus package.

February's jobs report showed that U.S. Black unemployment, at 6.9%, is significantly higher than the overall 4% rate.  In late 2021, Black unemployment in Washington, D.C. stood at 15.4%; in Illinois, it was 13.3%, while in California it was 12%.

The influx of illegal migrants must have played a role in causing the loss of jobs in addition to COVID-19 lockdowns, which also caused the closure of small businesses.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Blacks suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic and had a 2.5 times higher chance of dying of the virus than Whites.

A Morning Consult study showed that Biden's popularity among Blacks suffered following the federal vaccine mandate rollout.  The study showed that among racial and ethnic demographics, Blacks are the least likely to have received COVID-19 vaccines, due to a lack of trust in governmental institutions.  A tracking of vaccine acceptance found that only 53 percent among Black adults received the vaccine, the lowest share reported of any racial group.

recent study shows that Black women are the majority of victims of gun violence owing to the crime wave across the nation.

Voting rights legislation and the Build Back Better plan, two issues that supposedly had Black support, have hit roadblocks in Congress.

In a bid to appease Blacks, abhorrent practices such as segregation have been reinstated in some educational institutions.  This will further aggravate the resentment and prejudice among young minds. 

To sum it up: Biden's incompetence and inaction have hurt Blacks on every front.

But sanctimonious Democrats, living in the ivory towers of Washington, will express astonishment at the low poll numbers as they brag about their "stellar record."

They will boast that Biden has a non-white woman as his vice president and five non-white individuals in his Cabinet and that it is the most diverse Cabinet in U.S. history.  They will add that Biden's Cabinet is nearly 55% non-white and 45% female, while President Trump's Cabinet was 82% white and 82% male.

They will say that Biden even pledged to nominate a non-white woman to the Supreme Court, following Justice Breyer's retirement.

The Democrat leaders pride themselves on frequently referring to White supremacy, White nationalism, and neo-Nazis.  They support Black Lives Matter, participated in marches, and even pardoned the looting and burning of cities by BLM rioters.

They will finally blame Fox News and Russian disinformation for Black dissatisfaction, despite what they see as groundbreaking accomplishments.

The reason for this chasm between perception about Blacks and reality is that they have dehumanized Blacks into a homogenous group.  The Democrats presume that Blacks think alike and hence have identical aspirations.  They also think all Blacks see the world only through the prism of race and hence will be pleased by "diversity appointments."  It is a crude form of stereotyping, and their self-righteousness prevents them from realizing their bigotry.

In fact, they are so sure about themselves that they almost think they own the Black vote and are irked if Black people develop a mind of their own and ask questions.

They occasionally make ample demonstration of that.

When Black radio host Charlamagne tha God asked Biden about his plans to uplift the Black community, Biden rudely snapped back with "if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't Black."

Biden's talking down to a non-white man shouldn't be too surprising, considering that the Democrats are historically the party of slavery and segregation.

Biden's approval rating would have been in single digits had it not been for the relentless brainwashing and shaming of Blacks to automatically support the Democrats.

It is important to remember that during the pre-pandemic years of the Trump presidency, Blacks experienced record-low rates of unemployment and poverty, while wages for workers at the bottom of the income scale rose faster than they did for management.  But the polls numbers didn't always reflect that.

It is time for Republicans to see this wave of discontent among Blacks as an opportunity and present themselves as a valid alternative not just now, but for the long term.

What better time to begin than Black History Month?

Graphic credit: Pew Research.

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