Three-card monte and the CDC

The Moronic phenomenon (otherwise known by its anagram, omicron) is sending the country into a panic, just as they — the American power brokers — want.  Long lines for testing, at the same time they again let us know of problems with the "old" PCR test, which can't distinguish between COVID and flu (hence no flu season last year) and may come up positive months after infection, so is close to useless.  They've never touted a replacement that I've seen.  But never mind — there aren't enough tests anyway, because "President" Biden, after much-ballyhooed and oft-repeated campaign promises to make tests available to everyone, apparently neglected to order any when it was suggested he do so a few months ago.

Have you ever heard a clear explanation of the symptoms of Moronic?  No?!  That's because there is very little interest in having you look closely at them.  Search online — you'll notice that just about every site that claims to explain them tells you very little.  At most, you learn that the "primary" symptoms are fatigue and muscle aches, plus a runny nose and, maybe, a cough, but we don't actually know enough yet, despite almost a million cases.  Really?  Why is that?  And, by the way, you should get your vaccine.  Your booster.  Because they "may" keep the symptoms milder.

Do those symptoms sound familiar?  That's kind of like asking does a bear s--- in the woods, isn't it?

It's cold and flu season.  Last year, we were all kept isolated.  This year, not so much.  I it possible after so long in virtual isolation, people's immune systems have suffered from a lack of stimulation, so colds and cases of flu are rampant?  And then there's the fact — repressed, censored, but nevertheless undeniable according to multiple sources — that the vaccine we've had forced upon us screws with our immune systems.

Image: Three-card Monte by ZioDave (edited).  CC BY-SA 2.0.

Ninety-five percent of the cases of Moronic in Germany, where they look at such things, are among the vaccinated and triple-jabbed.  Per Peter McCullough (his interview with Joe Rogan is well worth listening to, all three hours or so, and is still up on Spotify), delta was ten times more contagious than alpha, and Moronic is only four times more contagious than alpha.  So the big community scare, as everyone and his aunt Betty is sick, doesn't follow logic, does it?

We have our three cards: cold, flu, Moronic.  We don't have enough tests available, and the tests aren't so hot, anyway.  But be scared, please.  It can't just be a common cold or the flu.  It must be Moronic, and you should tremble!  Just be sure to remember, in three-card Monte, the house always wins.

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