The media are doubling down on January 6, but does anyone else care?

With the first anniversary of the January 6 protest almost upon us, the media are going overboard advertising their trauma and the incredible damage that January 6 allegedly caused to the American system of governance.  However, polls show that this shrieking and rending of garments is having little effect on the American people, who, after almost a year of Biden's disastrous presidency, are not inclined to buy into this narrative.

You don't need to look far to find examples of the media's emotional involvement with the January 6 narrative.  The New York Times set the tone with its overwrought headline:

Local papers, too, got swept into the self-involved drama:

On CNN, the usual hysterics all sounded as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does when talking about the day.  (You may recall that, although she was nowhere near the protest, she later boasted, "I thought I was going to die.")  This was a peculiar stance, to say the least, given the Democrats' approval for 2020's political riots that lasted for days, killed over two dozen people, and burned down entire neighborhoods.  As Tom Elliott tweeted, it was the Democrats' Normandy invasion, and they will forever be traumatized (keeping in mind that the only fatality was a woman whom a Capitol Police officer murdered):

By contrast, this is how CNN described the Jacob Blake riots, which lasted for days and destroyed large swaths of Kenosha:

Image: screen shot.

The media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) had the same insouciant attitude to the seemingly endless violent and destructive protests in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, and other Democrat cities.

The media have also carefully ignored the strong evidence that the entire Capitol protest was a set-up that was intended to entrap ordinary people by encouraging them to enter the Capitol (where many were violently beaten by the police), even as unindicted actors erased newly erected signage that would have notified these same ordinary Americans that they were now illegally walking on land that was formerly open to the public.

Going back farther in time, the media were also unmoved in 2018 by the massive protests and break-ins into the Capitol during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.  It was just January 6 that triggered their adrenal glands.

Image: Democrats clutching their pearls.  Internet meme; creator unknown.

While we cannot see into the media's and other Democrats' hearts and minds, their behavior since January 6 makes it seem as if — whether January 6 reflected entrapment or a riot born of genuine citizen frustration — they viewed the events on that day as their Reichstag fire — that is, a theatrical-appearing event that they could use to destroy their political opposition, just as the Nazis used the Reichstag fire (which many believe the Nazis set) to destroy their communist opponents.

It's not a coincidence that, since January 6, Republicans in Congress, always a sheeplike group, have become even more useless than before.  With Democrats threatening to expel or criminally investigate them, all but a few brave Republicans have been utterly silent about this year's political madness and, worse, have done nothing to speak up for the prisoners in the January 6 gulag.

I used the phrase "theatrical-appearing" above for a reason, though.  While the Democrats just can't quit January 6, and congresscritters have been whipped into silence, the American public aren't buying the con.  They know kabuki theater when they see it.  Instead, over the last year, despite their uselessness, Republicans have risen in the public's estimation, while Democrats have suffered a serious collapse.  This poll reflects that trend (hat tip: Twitchy):

January 6, 2021 is in the rearview mirror and affected a proportion of Americans so infinitesimal that I can't do the math.  What Americans have seen, and that they know will affect them at home and abroad, is the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the totalitarian mandates that haven't stemmed the virus at all, the open border, the broken economy, the rising gas prices, the end of American energy independence, the effort to sow racial discord, the attacks on women's rights, and the daily damage from a demented doddering old dodo in the Oval Office.

Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin must hold firm on retaining the filibuster.  That will prevent the Democrats from passing the "For the People Act," which would permanently enshrine voter fraud.  Without that fraud-implementing act, November 2022 will be a rout in the House and maybe a win in the Senate — and nothing the Democrats say about January 6 will stop that.

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