Progressives truly hate women

Add Washington State to the list of jurisdictions that now mandate that criminals must be housed in prisons that reflect their "gender identity."  It shouldn't surprise any sane person that criminals who target women claim to be women when the time comes for their own incarceration.  A good example is Douglas Perry, a serial killer who murdered at least three women and as many as nine and is now housed in a women's prison.  This is how much the Democrats, who claim to be the protectors of women's rights, love women.

Over a four-month period in 1990, Douglas Perry murdered Yolanda Sapp, 26; Nicki Lowe, 34; and Kathleen Brisbois, 38, and then dumped their naked bodies near the Spokane River.  He also claims to have murdered another six women, although their bodies have not been found.  It would be another 22 years before DNA evidence led to Perry being tried and convicted.

Halfway through that period, Perry went to Thailand for what's laughably called "gender reassignment surgery."  We don't have details of the surgery, but he's still a man (of course), although he probably has fake boobs and may have had his penis severed.  There's no indication he took hormones to lower his testosterone level.  In other words, in addition to being a murderous psychopath, he's also got a mental illness that revolves around female sexuality.

During the trial, the prosecution argued that Perry underwent these surgical changes to avoid the police hunt for the murders of Brisbois, Lowe, and Sapp.  As part of his defense, though, Perry essentially claimed to be a split personality, with Doug having murdered the women and his new identity, Donna, being a reformed character.

The media were entirely on board with Perry's purported "transition" and willingly called him a woman, complete with female pronouns.  According to the 4W website, the media also published misinformation about the criminal tendencies of these murderous men who are "born again" as women:

Media reports during Perry's sentencing uniformly referred to him as a "woman" and by "she/her" pronouns. Some also claimed that males who transition experience a "downturn in violence" after identifying as a woman — a claim that was debunked by a peer-reviewed long-term study published by Swedish researchers in 2011 which found that trans-identified males who underwent a full surgical transition "retained a male pattern regarding criminality."

It's been known since May 2021 that Perry was transferred to the Washington Corrections Center for Women and that another 150 men were in line to be transferred or already had been transferred.  What we don't currently know is whether Perry has been assaulting women in the prison.  However, what's new is that, according to 4W, these fake women are attacking the real women who have the misfortune to be locked up with them:

In December 2021, a female former inmate at the WCCW anonymously came forward and reported that the institution had been experiencing a wave of sexual assaults on vulnerable female inmates by trans-identified males who received transfers to the facility after identifying as female.

One such assault was committed by Princess Zoe Andromeda Love, a biological male with a criminal history that included the rape of a 12-year-old girl. Love sexually assaulted a developmentally disabled female inmate just prior to his release — at which point he allegedly began identifying as male again.

Image: Douglas, AKA "Donna," Perry.  Spokane Police Mugshot.

The so-called transgender movement constitutes a wholesale assault against women, whether it's on game shows, in prisons, in locker rooms, or on swim teams.  These mentally ill men are denying women their chance to shine and assaulting women in places that should be safe havens — and, as you may have noticed, the transgender movement is currently one of the top concerns on the left.  In their effort to break down families, the backbone of Western society, and destroy children's bodily integrity, leftists are all in on this madness.

Just look at the headlines from Women Are Human, a site that tracks the frequently deranged behavior of these allegedly "transgender" men, as well as the deranged behavior of Western societies that support this madness:

At least in the 1950s, before women's lib, while women might have been subject to wolf whistles and lower salaries, they were protected from criminal madmen who steal women's identities in order to abuse them, all with the enthusiastic support of Western leftists.  This is shaping up to be one of the most dangerous and demeaning times for women in American history.

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