LGBTQ activists are vigorously attacking Christianity

Leftism truly hates the Bible.  Their creed is inconsistent with the Bible's commitment to the worth of the individual, its focus on justice, and its insistence on moral standards.  In the old days, leftists imprisoned clerics and destroyed houses of worship.  Now, though, they have a new technique for Christianity, which they still view as their greatest enemy: they are trying to silence the Bible through LGBTQ-based hate speech charges, and they are insisting that Jesus was transgender and that the Church must embrace the LGBTQ spectrum.  Both these things have really taken off in Europe and Canada.

The first line of attack against the Bible is that it's hate speech.  Most Christians aren't calling for witches to be burned, but devout Christians are wont to say homosexual behavior is sinful and that transgenderism runs counter to the belief that God created man and woman, not "it" or 122 variants of "it."  (Those who claim it-ness are making gods of themselves, a very dangerous thing to do.)

In England, street corner preachers have often been arrested for saying homosexuality is sinful.  (The most recent example is described here.)  However, the two biggest recent attacks on Christianity have taken place in Canada and Finland.

Canada's Bill C-4 went into effect early this month.  The bill ostensibly bans what's called "conversion therapy."  By that, you're meant to think of happy gay men being kidnapped in the dark of night by their fanatic Christian parents, locked in a dark, fetid cell, and then harangued for days or months to give up the sin of homosexuality.

In fact, the bill is written so broadly that it means that no one, including parents, can even mention to an LGBTQ+++ person the sanctity of the male-female relationship.  Moreover, the law explicitly describes the Bible as a "myth."  Matt Walsh explains it well:

Although the bill doesn't name only Christianity, we all know that Canada's government won't go after the small number of synagogues or the burgeoning number of mosques.

In Finland, the government has put on trial a member of Parliament and a Lutheran bishop for "hate speech" because they publicly stated the Bible's stance on sex and marriage.  The prosecution's evidence was to read from the Old Testament.  It's noteworthy that Christianity is Finland's official religion and one of Helsinki's biggest tourist attractions is Temppeliauko Church, a literally sunken church.  Sunken, indeed!

Several Republican senators and House members have publicly weighed in on Finland's attacking the Bible.

Image: In D.C., pastors showed their "pride," by Alex Guerrero. CC BY 2.0.

Meanwhile, in England and Germany, priests are insisting that Christ was transgender.  In England, a priest announced that Christ "transgenders himself" several times in the Bible.

For example, said the preacher, Christ was being a woman when he is described as "lamenting after Jerusalem, longing to gather Jerusalem as a mother hen gathers her chicks."  The preacher, apparently, is unfamiliar with similes.  Likewise, when Christ washed people's feet, which the preacher claimed was a woman's job, that too meant Christ was being a woman.  The concept of Christ showing humility seems foreign to this man of the cloth.  To a hammer, everything is a nail:


But that was just one priest.  In Germany, over 100 Roman Catholic priests and other church employees officially came out as gay, lesbian, or non-binary and demanded recognition of the "queer" Body of Christ:

More than 100 Catholic church officials in Germany came out as LGBT, queer or non-binary on Monday, adding to calls for reform within the crisis-hit church.


The 125-strong group, which includes priests and workers in education and administration, published a statement demanding an end to the "discrimination and exclusion" they had experienced.

"I don't want to hide my sexual identity any more," Uwe Grau, a priest in the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, was quoted on the group's website as saying.

"We are part of the church," added Raphaela Soden, who works in pastoral care for young adults and identifies as queer and non-binary. "We always have been. It's time to finally make it clear that we exist and how wonderfully queer the body of Christ is."

I am not a religious person, but I strongly believe that the Judeo-Christian tradition, especially as practiced in America before the leftists began challenging those norms, created the best possible country for the greatest number of people.  No wonder leftists hate it — and with the LGBTQ+++ movement, they think they've found the tip to the spear attacking Christianity.

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