Mark Levin vs. the progressive professors

A history professor, Michael Kazin of Georgetown University, just wrote a blistering attack in The Nation on the best-selling book of the year, Mark Levin's American Marxism.

It's titled "Haters."  Mr. Levin, a Republican and therefore a hater, of course, had the gall to fight for the survival of America under the true existential assault we face with deep scholarship and compelling arguments.  That threat would not be climate change, income inequality, systemic racism, separate boys' and girls' bathrooms, statues of Robert E. Lee, trans rights, or the unvaccinated, but the evil of the virulent and deadly virus of an American form of Marxism that infects millions of citizens coast to coast.

Professor Kazin writes that Mark Levin's book constitutes a "screed," which, he argues, amateurishly "slaps the label of Marxism on the various political phenomena he detests."  Dr. Kazin said it suggests the "depth of the Right's commitment to depicting its opponents as not just wrong-headed but as sworn enemies of the nation itself."

As the Bible says, by their fruits shall you know them.  So let's see the fruits of Mr. Levin's teaching to tens of millions of Americans and Professor Kazin's product with his Georgetown students.

Mr. Levin's ideas produce millions of mature, strong, free, adult American men and women with their feet firmly planted on the ground and their heads screwed on tightly.  He helps produce millions of wise and smart Americans who passionately love our country and its expansive liberty above all else.  These are the folks who have learned to deeply love and understand this country, its exceptionalism, founders, history, mores, traditions, flaws, symbols, heroes, our soldiers, police, Constitution, and Western Judeo-Christian value system.  These are the folks oozing with American values, who follow the rules, get up each morning to do what Americans do, work hard, pay their taxes, give thanks to God for all our gifts, get married, raise good kids, take care of themselves, their families and neighbors — people who would be ashamed to take a knee to America or receive a dime from someone else.  These are the millions who typically have a Bible close at hand as the best guidepost to wisdom.  Nearby is usually also a very assaulting gun, because they know the nature of man — his natural lust for power over others. 

And these too are the millions of his students who have learned through him how we are under existential assault by an Americanized form of Marxism.  This is a counter-revolution to what occurred in 1776, an attempt to bring us back to the default position of most of human life, the default of tyranny, poverty, and the few strong oppressing the multitude of the weak.

On the flip side, what is the typical fruit of the work of professors like Mr. Kazin from the halls of Georgetown, Yale, Penn, Brown, and Harvard today?  Almost all of our campuses have now been turned into essentially Marxist indoctrination centers.  Just stand at the end of the graduation line when these precious American kids receive their degrees and listen to their utterly illiberal, destructive, moronic nonsense, attacking every pillar of American civilization.  Men give birth.  Capitalism needs to be abolished.  Saying we are a colorblind nation is racist.  There are 100 genders.  We need socialism or communism.  Traditional Western bourgeois values like the nuclear family, delayed gratification, merit, hard work, protection of private property, respect for authority and traditions, patriotism, and religion are forms of white, European patriarchy.  America is systemically racist.  Big government is kind and compassionate.  We need to get rid of our republican form of government and replace it with a pure democracy.  Open borders are great.  Our Founders were slave-holders.  America began in 1619.  Hate speech needs to be banned.  Our Constitution is a document to promote slavery.  Human life on Earth will be eradicated if we don't stop using fossil fuels.

So, indeed, it's no surprise Professor Kazin despises Mark Levin's bestseller American Marxism.  It reveals too much truth, too much clarity about the fruit of one's labor.  Mr. Levin produces massive amounts of good, and our normative professors produce cosmic levels of bad.  Mark produces millions of free, strong, brave adult American men and women.  The fruits from almost any campus today are slavish, weak, immature, foolish, ungrateful, demanding Marxists, howling for their next government handout, bemoaning this benighted place they were assigned to at birth, in love with Mommy and Daddy Big Government, uncaring about liberty, keenly focused on their pronoun of the day and next pillar of American civilization to topple.

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