Today's batch of COVID information provides food for thought

The way I prepare for writing is to read everything I can and then line up the tabs that strike me as "story possibilities."  Today, I have multiple tabs about vaccines, COVID treatments, and some governments' responses to COVID.  Taken together, the reports create a powerful narrative: in America, the government continues to block COVID therapeutics; as people warned when mRNA vaccines came out, they are dangerous; and governments at home and abroad continue to use the vaccine as a pathway to total power.

Here are the reports I've been following:

One: Nurse Nicole Sirotek testified before the House regarding the way the medical establishment is mistreating COVID patients, who aren't dying from COVID but, instead, die from medical malpractice, including the insistence on vaccines and Remdesivir and the refusal to provide safe, affordable therapeutics:

My sense is that the huge cohorts of recently graduated and, therefore, leftist doctors; the economic pressures from Medicare and Medicaid; and the pressure (financial?) from the pharmaceutical companies all make inevitable the medical professionals' willingness to follow government guidelines, no matter how bad.

Two: A large, peer-reviewed study shows that ivermectin works.  The trick is to start treatment early, before the patient is in extremis.  Wait too long, as happened to the man in Minnesota who was going to be taken off the ventilator until a judge ordered him released for transfer to a Texas hospital, and the patient may be too fragile to recover.  Notably, as with England's Liverpool Care Pathway (i.e., involuntary euthanasia), the man seemingly had been deprived of fluids and nutrients, for he arrived in Texas badly dehydrated and malnourished and, sadly, died.

The government makes it impossible for doctors and hospitals to prescribe ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, even if they want to.  If they do so, it will yank their Medicare and Medicaid money, which they require to be solvent.  This is why I say we already have socialized medicine in America.  You just didn't notice.

Three: The FDA abruptly announced that it was revoking monoclonal antibody treatments.  The explanation is that the antibody treatments are "unlikely to be active against the omicron variant."  Instead, it now wants everyone to take Pfizer and Merck pills, which happen to be extremely difficult to obtain.

Florida was forced to shut down its successful monoclonal treatment sites.  An angry Governor DeSantis accused the FDA of being "reckless" and rightly pointed out that patients should "have a right to access these treatments."

Image: Vaccine passports.  Freepik license.

Four: Alex Berenson published an urgent post stating that the data from Denmark, Australia, and Israel make it patently clear that, the more highly vaccinated a population, the more people become infected with COVID.  He made four points:

(a) People who are vaccinated are more likely to get omicron.

(b) The same people are more likely to be hospitalized or die from omicron.

(c) It's unknown whether mRNA vaccinations protect people from developing natural immunity.

(d) The third shot temporarily protects against omicron, but it's unclear if it increases other vulnerabilities.

Regarding point (c), a study from Oregon claims that people who have been fully vaccinated but catch COVID (which, of course, means they're not vaccinated) end up with "super immunity."  This would be nice, if true, although it doesn't explain the fully jabbed Facebook friend who is suffering his third bout of COVID.

Keep in mind, of course, that the CDC acknowledges that the shots do not prevent people from catching or spreading COVID.

Five: Various governments are going mad with the power they've acquired from COVID.  Austria is making the shots mandatory, complete with police enforcement, never mind that there's increasing evidence that the way to address COVID is through treatment, not mRNA jabs.  The same is true in Quebec, which has become a police state with the "unvaccinated" treated as pariahs (they can enter stores only for groceries and pharmaceuticals), while even the vaccinated are still being subject to extreme lockdowns.  And of course, Victoria, Australia has made vaccines mandatory, also with police force.

America is seeing both liberty-oriented and tyrannical approaches to COVID.  Biden has been trying for tyranny, but the Supreme Court blocked his effort to use OSHA to make 85 million Americans get vaccinated if they want jobs.  (Congress can reverse that.)  California's Governor Newsom mandated that all children be vaccinated to attend school — and no, this isn't like tried-and-true polio, measles, or other vaccines, which actually work, and do so against diseases that are especially dangerous to children.

So there's the pattern: the federal government systematically making it impossible for people to get therapeutics, so-called "vaccines" that don't prevent disease and may worsen it, and governments around the world using COVID as an opportunity to achieve total power.  We in America are at a crossroads.  Without a resounding no to vaccines and a demand for people to have therapeutic choices, we may find ourselves looking like Israel, Austria, or Quebec.

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