Joe Biden declares war on 'Big Meat'

Following in the footsteps of Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden has declared war on meat.  Democrats have this thing against meat, see, and it manifests itself in multiple ways.

Here's the addled old fool's declaration as of yesterday, as reported by Bloomberg and RedState:

So Big Meat's the bad guy in this inflation crisis, and Joe's here to solve the problem, calling it a matter of antitrust enforcement.  Never mind that the entire economy is shot through with inflation running out of control.  No, the problem here is Big Meat oligarchs conspiring to raise prices.  It's goofy stuff, given that Democrats want higher meat prices.  Bernie Sanders, for instance, was seen bruiting a meat tax back in 2019 to save the planet.

Apparently they like high meat prices only if they're done through naked taxes to beef up government coffers.  If it's done with stealth taxes (read: inflation), then meat-producers are somehow the bad guy, to be subject to Joe's federal regulators because they supposedly collude with each other to raise prices.

It's a tired old been-there-done-that tactic.  It's redolent of the FTC investigations that the Bidenites have thrown out there against Big Oil and Big Retail, based on their price spikes, as victims of the same inflation meat companies are experiencing.  How are those investigations going?  Somehow we haven't heard anything since they were announced, because the reality is, there's nothing to those baseless charges.  They can't even pin things on these companies; there is no collusion or conspiracy among these companies to raise prices on consumers, as if that were some kind of smart business strategy, given that higher prices drive consumers not to buy, or else seek cheaper substitutes.  It would be nice to see the mainstream media do a little reporting on these pathetic, baseless probes.

Now the bad guy is Big Meat.

Here's Bonchie of RedState's excellent thumbnail analysis of the matter, complete with the bottom-line grip on the fact that inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon, as Milton Friedman used to say:

The inflation crisis continues to pound the middle-class in America. While those on government subsidies get adjustments in their payments, and the wealthy have enough disposable income to not feel the pain, normal people are simply watching their savings dwindle away as the prices on everything from groceries to energy costs skyrocket.

All the while, the man in the White House flails about, having caused it with his big-spending COVID-19 "rescue package" that was largely unnecessary. You can also throw some blame toward the bipartisan infrastructure boondoggle. Worse, Joe Biden is pushing for trillions more in spending via his currently stalled Build Back Better reconciliation budget. Further, because the Federal Reserve is a partisan joke that seeks to help Democrats and their donors (i.e. Wall Street), it refuses to raise interest rates to try to get any of this under control.

It's perfect.  Meat isn't the problem.  Joe Biden is the problem.

He's now looking for scapegoats, given that he's the one who caused the inflation based on his blowout government spending with a politicized Fed that turns on the money presses.

Joe Biden famously declared that Milton Friedman "isn't running the show anymore," which was an oddly accurate statement.  In Joe's cloud-cuckoo-ruled America, we all know that Friedman is not "running the show" anymore; we also know that Friedman remains always and everywhere right about where inflation comes from.  That's quite unlike Idiot Joe, who's still arguing with Economics 101, imagining he can command the inflation tsunami to recede, beating the whole big wave back with an antitrust hammer.

It's sorry stuff, and it will be about as effective as his bid to blame Big Oil and Big Retail for rising prices.  Why doesn't he just say what many leftists really think: that meat prices hikes are intentional from the government, that inflation is a bid to get Americans to drop their burgers and eat bugs instead, and be done with it?  At least it would be accurate.  But Joe being Joe, he can't help himself. 

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of SkyNews YouTube screen shot and Pixabay / Pixabay License image.

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