Leftist ghouls crow about death of young anti-vax-mandate GOP pol of COVID complications

Any time a conservative passes on, the left is usually there to beat its fins together to celebrate.

Now that COVID is a factor in some deaths, the worst of them are turning up, all full of a godawful combination of Karen-style finger-pointing, combined with their insanely ghoulish pleasure at the death itself. 

Case in point: The death of a young Republican aspiree to political office, 46-year-old Kelly Ernby, who unexpectedly died of complications related to COVID on Jan. 3.

According to the Orange County Register:

Orange County Deputy District Attorney Kelly Ernby, who ran for state Assembly in 2020 and had become a leader with the Republican Party of Orange County, has died suddenly, a week after telling friends she was very sick with COVID-19. She was 46 years old.

“I lost a dear friend to Covid complications,” Ben Chapman, chair of the Greater Costa Mesa Republicans, tweeted Monday. “You’ve been nothing but an inspiration to many of us here in Orange County.”

Condolences were pouring in online Monday for Ernby, who was a Huntington Beach resident and presumed 2022 candidate for Assembly.

“Thanks for always standing up for victims of crime and fighting the good fight balancing the scales of justice and for always making our communities and public safety a priority,” tweeted Patricia Wenskunas, founder of Crime Survivors Inc.

Ernby was the daughter of two Navy veterans and the sister to a Marine. She graduated from Bonita Vista High in Chula Vista in 1993, earned her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from UC Santa Barbara, her law degree from the University of San Diego and her masters in public administration from USC.

That's a sad story. Her family and friends should be allowed some time to mourn.

And yes, it was a little mysterious: We do not know why someone so young and apparently healthy looking would die of this illnesss, given that the omicron variant is said to be mild, with very few deaths worldwide attributed to it.

But out they came, leftist after leftist, falsely tut-tutting the dead woman as someone who was irrationally against vaccines who deserved what she got:

Those are the mild scolds. For the Seventh Circle of Hell scolds, you need to go to blog site called "Sorry, Anti-Vaxxers" and read the output of this ogre:

According to this story Kelly died from COVID on January 3rd, 2022. Kelly Emby was a Republican who was an Orange County Deputy District Attorney who ran a failed campaign for California State Assembly. She was very much against mandates, which to me means anti-vaxxer. I've yet to see a VOCAL anti-mandate person who is FOR the COVID vaccines. Plus, her husband verified that she wasn't vaccinated. Another bull-headed conservative who made the wrong choice.

The ghoul goes through some tweets that Ernby made, opposing vax mandates, and concludes in high-Karen dudgeon:

Well, she got COVID and died from it.

Eeeeuw. Amazing the creatures who are crawling around on the Internet to post such malevolent droolings, I had no idea there could be one this gross.

All of this scolding is kind of ridiculous, given that none of the three obituaries that I found -- in the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register, or on City News Service included information about whether Ernby was vaccinated or not. The ghoul cited last item claimed that Ernby's husband said she was unvaxxed but it was an unsupported statement with zero source linked, so it may well be false or distorted. There's some reason the person didn't want to link because the news reports verified nothing.

That's actually pretty interesting, because you know the reporters would have asked if Ernby were vaxxed. The news organs didn't even say if they got a response or not which most of them do. But that was what the left was looking for as it trolled the obituaries, found hers, and then posted their hate to Twitter. They branded her an anti-vaxxer and proudly stood by at their claims to her comeuppance.

Like most Republicans Ernby did speak out against vaccine mandates, which are creating such disruption in the economy and trampling all over the rights of many citizens who have reasons, both good and bad, to not get vaccinated. Illegals are exempt from them, even as they actually bring in and spread COVID, which creates a rather appalling two-tier system of laws and enforcement. Vax mandates, though, are not the same as vaccines. I found no record of Ernby speaking out against vaccines themselves, all I found was that she was against forced vaccinations. It's not a fringe position. Joe Biden himself ran for office on a promise of no vax mandates.

There are plenty of reasons to be opposed to mandates, but leftists like to pin any and all opposition to vax mandates as "proof" of being "anti-vax."

They don't even know if she was vaccinated or not, but out they crawl from the woodwork to point their fingers at the victim in a godawful creepy 'toldjaso' way to suggest she deserved her death. 

Most significantly, we don't even know if she died of COVID, which could mean that whether or not she had the vaccine would be irrelevant. Note that the OCR headline shows that she didn't die of COVID itself, but of "COVID-19 complications," which isn't COVID. That could be pretty much anything, including something like someone handing her the wrong bottle of medicine, or maybe her tripping and falling in the hospital elevator on the way to see the COVID doc, or perhaps having an underlying condition such as cancer. Maybe it could mean that she took the vaccine -- as tragically happened in the case of New York Times editor Carlos Tejada, whom I wrote about here. We don't know and have no idea. The 'complications' modifier can be very broad. 

None of those uncertainties has stopped the left in its scolding certainties, though.

Right now, there's cause for mourning. Those jumping to blame the victim are grave dancers who look pretty ugly right now. 

Image: Kelly Ernby, via Flickr // public domain

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