A plan to take down and reconstitute the world economy?

It should be obvious to the casual observer that over the past two years, the entire planet has gone bat guano bonkers over Covid. Australia has reverted to its roots as a prison colony by herding people into covid quarantine camps. In August 2021, New Zealand locked down its entire population of 5 million people based on a single covid case. Just last week, China’s “Covid-zero” policy caused the lockdown of the industrial city of Ningbo, home to the world’s third-largest port, because of a handful of covid cases. Meanwhile, the vaccine-mandate-passport-mania continues unabated in too many countries to count, despite the vaccines’ ineffectiveness against omicron and the growing litany of deaths and adverse effects. And as the FDA announced it would help the Post Office interdict shipments of ivermectin, Project Veritas recently published leaked military documents which claim that ivermectin is effective through all phases of Covid.

Worldwide supply chain disruptions are causing shortages of food, computer chips, etc. Trillions of dollars are magically willed into existence, resulting in brutal inflation, especially of raw materials. Small and medium companies – home to most of the jobs and a large share of the tax base -- are being crushed. By all accounts, the universal response of governments has been to make matters worse, as if we’re being driven to the edge of the abyss with reckless abandon.

In August 2021, German economist and journalist Ernst Wolff published a lecture entitled Uncovering the Corona Narrative: Was Everything Carefully Planned?, where he concludes that “[T]he biggest profiteer of the current crisis and the most important string-puller behind the scenes is the digital-financial complex”. By this he is referring to Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook -- whose combined market cap of nearly $10 trillion is more than the GDP of Germany, France, and Italy -- along with the largest asset managers: BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street and Fidelity, who together manage in excess of $33 trillion.

Mr. Wolff maintains that the current financial system came close to collapse in 2008 and that over the past 12 years the next collapse was “postponed through a final feat of strength, namely the reduction of interest rates to zero, and the injection of billions and billions for one final time.”

The situation in which the digital-financial complex finds itself is between the alternatives of on one side, the final collapse, and on the other side, hyperinflation. So that means the total loss of the value of money. That means historically, we have arrived at the point in which the digital-financial complex, in the framework of the existing system still has the choice between the two various forms of collapse. Quite clearly, they have chosen to install a new system. In the background, away from public view, they are preparing a new system, and additionally, they are using the end phase of the present dying system to plunder it using all tricks at their disposal. This is exactly what we have seen since March 2020. The quite deliberate and premeditated destruction of the world economy for the exclusive expansion of the digital-financial complex with simultaneous preparation via the central banks of a new system, and in collaboration with the IT corporations. It is about the complete removal of cash, and banks in their previous form, and the introduction of digital money from central banks.

Ernst Wolff (brandnewtube screengrab)

Here’s something you don’t see every day: an international banker telling the truth. In this 56 second clip, against a Bank of International Settlements (BIS) backdrop, an unidentified representative explains why a Digital Global Currency is absolutely necessary, otherwise, how will they know exactly on what goods or services some schmuck spent that $100 cash, or that few thousand pesos?

Such a global digital currency is the Holy Grail of complete and efficient governmental control over our lives. At the height of engineered social chaos, Mr. Wolff posits that universal basic income (UBI) would be introduced to transition from “maximum chaos to maximum control”.

Klaus Schwab, author of “Covid-19: The Great Reset” (2020), and “The Great Narrative, The Great Reset Book 2” (2022) is head of the World Economic Forum, and has been a driving force behind much of the Covid-era social/economic policies. Since the 1990s, the WEF has been schooling and assembling world leaders and luminaries such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Larry Fink (BlackRock), Emanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, and many more, as well as thousands of young aspiring leaders. It’s a big, powerful club, and we’re not in it.

Mr. Wolff believes, as do I, that these grand schemes are destined to fail. The long dark shadow of Covid is already beginning to fade, as the world starts awakening to the lies and manipulations. The larger question is how much pain, death, and suffering must we endure to get through this?

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