Report: Joy Reid to lose her MSNBC show

Be still, my heart!  The most obnoxious personality in cable news is about to lose her show if a report from a veteran media reporter turns out to be correct.  Yes, that would be Joy Reid, the radical leftist with a weeknight show on the Comcast-owned cable news network MSNBC.

Jon Nicosia, formerly of Mediaite and the Washington Examiner, tweeted yesterday:

Given the racial spoils system that prevails on the left, if MSNBC were to drop her, they almost certainly would have to find a Black female to replace her, either directly or somewhere else on their broadcast schedule.  Those beans gotta be counted.

Of course, this is not confirmed and could even be a warning shot to Reid to clean up her act and stop so blatantly lying.

Is Reid out?

MSNBC screen grab.

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