Mass Formation may explain America's crazed COVID reaction

Have you, like me, struggled to figure out how we have arrived at such a horrific impasse in society?  Dr. Robert Malone may have the answer: mass formation.  Here's what I understand that to mean.

Twenty twenty-two sees so many liars, as well as others with their heads firmly glued to their social media devices, paying no mind to reality.  Most people just swallow without a murmur the cacophony of propaganda that oligarchs, techies, newsies, pols, and "scientists" spout while excoriating anyone who thinks freely.  We who don't go along experience inordinate hostility.  Too many people are happy to ignore the obvious evidence of vast harm that bad actors visit on our entire society through the irrational dictates they embrace and enforce upon us all.  This is an isolating phenomenon and one that we must overcome.

Dr. Robert Malone, during his interview with Joe Rogan, introduced a new term: Mass Formation Psychosis.  Maybe this does explain our unsettling societal disconnect.  Certainly, our esteemed Google censors have been playing whack-a-mole with the terminology and anything to do with it.  I simply went around the barricades and found what I needed within our growing group of alternative sites.

In this 13-minute clip, Dr. Malone explains mass formation psychosis.

He points out that societal disconnect leads to "free-floating anxiety."  That's certainly something I can relate to.  Things, people, and "facts" just don't make sense, making us vulnerable and severing the connection to community, both close to home and in the larger sense.

This, he says, leads to a form of hypnosis for many people.  Most everyone, when the virus hit, focused on the virus and nothing else and were hypnotized by staring at it nonstop.  The theory says that once everyone is focused so intently, one or more leaders can jump in and seize the moment.  Whatever they say, the hypnotized will focus on and believe.  Outside thinkers — dissenters — must be attacked and destroyed.  In other words, exactly what's been happening.

Thanks to Dr. Malone and a few others, Rumble has discussions from others about this phenomenon.  Dr. Mattias Desmet, a psychologist and professor in Belgium, at Ghent University, developed the hypothesis.  His field of study, group dynamics, led to his positing that when the members of a population are decoupled from one another — which characterizes this new age of faceless online communication and physical isolation, where 60% of people polled say they have no meaningful relationships in their lives — it is ripe for this type of thought takeover.  Think Hitler in Germany, Stalin in Russia, or Mao in China for obvious examples of a people gulled, hypnotized, led by strong (and crazed) leaders down the rabbit hole of violent hate.

In the following video, the host, Dr. Tom Woodward, sits back and allows the exchange of ideas to flow between Drs. Desmet and Malone, with input from Dr. McCollough:

Dr. Desmet asks that the word "psychosis" be removed from the theory, as it's too clinical and off-putting.  Dr. Malone pointed out that, for the American public, "crowd" could be substituted for mass — crowd formation perhaps making more sense to us linguistically.  No matter the name, though, it's clear that the step-by-step process — taking people who are isolated, lonely, and beset by free-floating anxiety caused by changes in their lives they can neither comprehend nor control (e.g., COVID) and offering them a strategy to deal — will form a mass (or crowd) that has a strong social bond.

The doctors pointed out that this phenomenon is always destructive.  Once the crowd identifies a common enemy, the enemy's destruction becomes essential.  Then, that achieved, the crowd looks for another target, a new enemy to destroy, even if that enemy is from within its cohort.  The concept, that it's a monster that devours its own children, is credited to Hannah Arendt, a political thinker in the last century who barely escaped the Holocaust.

What I've said is only a quick glimpse into the phenomenon, but maybe, possibly, it helps us understand how we're at such an impasse.  The rest is up to us.

Understanding what's happening is the first step.  Finding ways to expose and broadcast the evil for all to see is the second.  Each of us must find, live, and give voice to the truth before this crowd formation gets stronger.

From my point of view, the only way out of this conundrum is to form a strong community.  I know I feel isolated here in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I have a found community of sorts in writing for American Thinker and exchanging thoughts with other writers and thinkers.

If we don't act, America will succumb to the "inevitable," and we'll watch our society be destroyed.  I know what I choose and hope you'll stand with me, speak the truth, and win this war.

Image: Drs. Desmet, Malone, and McCullough.  Rumble screen grab.

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