Why the Democrats are losing Latino support

If you were to ask casual consumers of news about the cause of racism in the U.S., they would most likely blame the Republicans and President Trump.

They will claim that President Trump referred to white supremacists in Charlottesville as "very fine people."  They will mention bigoted MAGA-supporters.  Some may equate Republicans with Nazis.

The list of misperceptions and falsehoods is interminable and has enabled the Democrats to develop a permanent voter base among most demographic minorities.

This is especially true for African-Americans, who, for almost half a century, have been voting overwhelmingly for Democrats.

African-Americans have suffered for decades from poverty, poor education, drug addiction, unemployment, crime, and an absence of a traditional family structure.  Chicago is a war zone with gang violence and a city where African-Americans are victims of crimes.

The Democrats haven't resolved any of these issues despite being in power for ages, yet African-Americans continue to vote for Democrats.

This is the power of decades of propaganda that has brainwashed African-Americans into thinking Democrats are the sole custodians of diversity and pluralism.

So they vote for Democrats, perhaps thinking that that party serves as the least among evils.

The Democrats now take the African-American vote for granted.

When a black radio jockey urged candidate Joe Biden to answer questions pertaining to African-American issues, he curtly fired back with "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."

In Biden's mind, black people are his minions who are duty-bound to vote for him.  If they dare question him, they are disloyal and a traitor to their race.  This is the sort of thinking that slave-owners of old had.

These remarks were made on a radio show that has a considerable black audience, and it was even carried by the media, yet Biden managed to secure 90 percent of the black vote.

It is nothing short of astounding that the party that fought the Civil War in favor of slavery, which founded the Ku Klux Klan, and which opposed desegregation, is now supported by a huge majority of African-Americans.

The next target for the Democrats is Hispanics.

Hence, they are fervent advocates of open borders.

The goal is to allow the influx of mostly Hispanics into the U.S. and to resettle them in states where Republicans have a record of winning.  The hope is that these new citizens will be welfare-dependent and hence will vote for Democrats.  In time, they have a permanent voter base that makes elections meaningless.  They seek a voter set-up much like in California and New York, where elections are held, but a potted plant with the letter "D" will win against the most capable, hardworking, and selfless Republican.

However, things may not be going as planned for the Democrats on that matter.

A recent Marist poll showed that at the end of his first year in office, only 41 percent of people approved of the job that Biden is doing as president.

Among these, an emphatic 65 percent among Latinos disapprove of Joe Biden, while a mere 33 percent of Latinos approve.

The overall low voter approval is obviously bad news for the Democrats in the short term, considering that the November 2022 midterms are not too far away.

But the poor showing among Hispanics is what will cause sleepless nights for Democrats because this is an impediment to their long-term goal of altering the demographic to ensure permanence in power.

So why are the Democrats failing with Hispanic voters?

The first reason:

The Democrats have been proponents for open borders.

Most people, including Latinos, desire a life where they can earn enough to provide a quality life for their families.  They also desire upward mobility.

If you flood their neighborhoods with unvetted foreigners, the resources meant for citizens will be depleted.  Jobs meant for citizens will go to migrants willing to work for lower wages.  Educational and medical institutions will be overwhelmed.  Since there was no form of vetting, there will be a spike in crimes.

If you are a Latino citizen, will you be pleased by all of these problems just because migrants happen to be of the same race as you?

The second reason: Among the roughly 63 million Latinos in the U.S., 77 percent are Christian, and the rest are Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, of indigenous faiths, or agnostic.  Only 2 percent are atheists. 

The Democrats have been fanatic proponents of abortion, gay "marriage," and various other LGBT causes that are generally not approved by Christians.  Most Democrats, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, have frequently displayed disdain for Christianity.  Entertainment shows created by liberal Democrats also frequently mock Christianity.

If you are a person of faith for whom the traditional way of life matters, would you support a party that wants to dismantle it all?

The third reason.

The modern Democrat party has many vocal members such as Sens. Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren, and members of the Squad, who are proud socialists.

Most Latinos have either themselves experiences the evils of socialism or have heard from their relatives abroad about its perils.  They know how economic systems collapse due to socialism.  They know how high inflation owing to socialistic policies leads to poverty and despondency.

The modern Democrat also has a proclivity for totalitarianism. 

Under the Democrats, basic rights such as the choice to consume medicine or take a vaccine as well as freedom of movement are at risk following the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Democrats frequently use "wokeness" as an excuse to police speech and "cancel" those who dare to disagree with the groupthink.  The Democrats brand dissenters or those who participate in protests as domestic terrorists.

Most Latinos, especially those who originate from socialist or communist countries such as Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba, know how the dictators rule with an iron fist to suppress freedoms and human rights and cause death and destruction.  They see the behavior of Democrats as warning signs.

In fact, the keenness for freedom and prosperity caused them to take the U.S. as their home.

Why would they support a party that wants to implement a political ideology that brought them nothing but sorrow?

The reason the Democrats failed to see these obvious challenges with Latinos is that they have plunged so deeply into identity politics that they fail to respect and recognize the individual.  They see only demographic groups, and worse still, they see Latinos as a single group, so their understanding of these groups is based on racist stereotypes that emanate from their bigoted minds.

They think of Latinos as impoverished, unskilled, and poorly educated people who will survive on handouts, which will make them permanent Democrat voters.

The poll proves how completely erroneous the Democrats are on every level. 

It is now up to the Republicans to take advantage of this and show everyone, including Latinos, that they are the party of freedom, peace, and prosperity.

Will they rise to the occasion?

We live in hope!

Image: FreeSVG, public domain.

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